40 mile beach Karratha

Gday all ,,, was wondering if anyone here has fished off the beach at 40 mile beach south of karratha will be heading south from broome and will be trying as many spots as i can . Tips on any other spots i can get to with my adventura will be appreciated ..

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40 mile

Mon, 2011-05-23 20:44

I usuallyfish offshore from there but have camped there a bit and seen plenty of jacks and doggy mackeral caught on the high tide around the rocks near the ramp also plenty of muddies at low tide and crays if you know where to go.


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40 mile beach

Tue, 2011-05-24 18:03

Thanx carry I,ll be in no rush to get back to Gero so will have crack i think ,Looking forward to the trip