4WD advice (Budget $15-$20k)

Hi Guys,

I've had a read of some older threads and have been looking around, but feel a bit lost and was hoping to get some more up to date opinions.  I'm looking to buy a used 4WD with a budget up to $20k. 

Plan to use it to do some exploring and beach driving, mostly aimed at getting to new places to fish and camp (e.g. Steep Point.)  In the future I hope to get something like a 4m tinny to tow around, but won't be towing anything huge.  I'd rather not have a trayback, and like SUV/wagons, but might be convinced to go for a ute if it was a clearly better value and left room in the budget for a lockable canopy. 

So far I've been looking through mid-late 2000s for Pajeros, Prados, and Patrols, diesels seem to have pretty high kms, which I guess can be OK (?) but I'm honestly not too sure what to look for. 

Any buying tips, models, or suggestions are welcome and appreciated.



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 Man I've done a few trips

Sat, 2020-02-22 20:58

 Man I've done a few trips that way with  a few cars I'd go a 2000 Or newer 1hz79 land cruiser they cheap reliable and  can get a good amount of gear in them.
Only downside is only 2.5 seats and not a rocket 

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try and get into a 120 series

Sat, 2020-02-22 23:21

try and get into a 120 series Prado 



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They are very hard to find -

Sun, 2020-02-23 09:05

They are very hard to find - and you might be looking for something newer - but if you can pick up either a 12HT 60 series cruiser or a 1HD-FT 80 series cruiser you would be very happy !


The 80 series would possibly still be around or over 20k - but if your quick (and lucky) you can get a good 60 series for quite cheap !

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 I'd recommend the 120 prado

Sun, 2020-02-23 09:24

 I'd recommend the 120 prado too. Great car for a daily and sparingly capable Offroad. 
I had one before the 200's and was a great car. 


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Sun, 2020-02-23 09:36

I'm with Stevo on this. I've got the 120 Prado & do exactly what you're talking about doing. Tow a 4.2 m tinny upto Ningaloo & Shark Bay every year. It's got near on 420,000 k's on it now and apart from regular servicing I do myself, I've never had to put a spanner on it. Should be able to get one in pretty good nick within your budget.

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Thanks for the

Sun, 2020-02-23 11:37

Thanks for the recommendations!  Any opinions about how important it is to find a diesel vs a petrol?  Having driven a few diesels, I'm not too fussed about differences in acceleration, just seem to read quite a few comments that diesel engines last longer (I guess their popularity is reflected in relatively higher used prices too?) 

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Sun, 2020-02-23 16:09



 Just a opinion , reading your post you havent mentioned school runs or the need for your missus to park it etc ,

  so going out on a limb this will be mainly a getaway and tow vehicle?

 If so I would say go for something tougher than a 120 prado ( a great vehicle by all means) but in the scrub and bush you cant beat

 the old landcruisers and patrol utes, this one above just a sample of what I mean. 

 Im sure there is a eqivelent cruiser ute on there somewhere.

 Diesel rules in the bush if you can afford it and longer trips and long hwy kms at cruising speed towing a small tub is there bag.

 A well serviced one can be bought with 250k plus on them and still have years of life left on them.

 My gq td42 was bought with 350k on it years ago and has just hit 525k with no problems but td42,s are tanks but mates have 80 series with same kms 

 still out there doing it. 

 The nissan 3.0 td had / has a bad rap but anything after 2010 seems fine with plenty hitting 300k now with no complaint.

 Utes can be more cramped than wagons but load space is great and the whole back can be customized at home to suit your needs

  and then  washed out after big trips away.

 But wagons are better people movers and offer safer and drier / dustless space than utes.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, good luck.






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Sun, 2020-02-23 16:10

 Should be able to get a good 2013 plus pajero diesel with just under 200 000kms for that. If it has good service records it should be good for many years to come.  Capable 4wds. Nice on the road too and average 9.5l per 100.


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 Fully agree with the pajero.

Tue, 2020-02-25 14:21

 Fully agree with the pajero. Mine has gone to steep point and done a heap of beach trips as well as the power line track. One of the most underrated 4wds you can get. Only thing wrong with them is they don't have live axle suspension so you will lift tyres here and there. I towed a 2 ton camper trailer to steep with it and averaged 14.7 litres to the 100 with it. Diesel all the way as well. Petrol motor chews the juice. 


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 I Have a 2010 Navara D40

Mon, 2020-02-24 09:45

 I Have a 2010 Navara D40 auto with around 115000k 

It has all the fruit. Lockable canopy. Steel bull bar with winch. Light force lights. Long range tank. Dualbattery setup. 

I was going to give it to my son around June but he wants the manual patrol. This would be in the middle of your budget.