4WD tyres

Hey everyone ,

                      I am getting some tyres for my narvra but cant choose between BFGoodridge all terrain or the Copper sure trac ST. I would like peoples thoughts on these tyres . Thanks

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At's all the way

Thu, 2010-11-04 19:53

I've had 2 4wd's with the At's and have not had a problem, admittedly they wernt going off road every other day, but none the less - very very good IMO. I got nearly 100 kms on one set on my Toyota 80 series without changing one and still left with reasonable tread. I have heard mixed reports about coopers and side wall problems. Also apparently (So I have been told) if you rely on the coopers warranty, you have to deal direct with the place of purchase, not good obviously if your travelling.

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Just realised

Thu, 2010-11-04 20:03

I ran the Bridgestone At's - I would imagine they would be much the same...

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Thu, 2010-11-04 20:47

hands down, you will hear good and bad about coopers but only ever good things about the BF's.  They are good on every terrain with extra thick sidewalls and quieter than the coopers on road.  I changed my tyres on my patrol a few years ago form a 31" hwy pattern to the 33" BF AT and the BF actually handled alot better on the road than the 31"s ever did.  I think price wise they will be pretty similar

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what bad things

Thu, 2010-11-04 21:21

dont know who you been listening to there is no such thing as any bad stories about coopers they are a great tyre prob the best definatly better than bfs anyway go the coopers you wont regret it

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BFG's but mickey thompsons

Thu, 2010-11-04 21:47


but mickey thompsons worth a good look too


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Yea id be looking at the

Fri, 2010-11-05 07:32

Yea id be looking at the Mickey's.. Might be a litle more but Ive had hem for years and they get a work out around Broome and the kimberley and I havent had one problem with hem yet... Touch wood

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You do know Mickey Thompson

Tue, 2010-11-09 14:15

You do know Mickey Thompson was bought out by Coopers, The new Mickey's dont last as well.

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I'm currently running cooper

Thu, 2010-11-04 21:56

I'm currently running cooper atr's... haven't done any big trips with them yet (only road and sand). I have had mickey thompson baja atz & rate them highly (have done mediocre off road work). As grayzeee said, worth a look.

All good tyres that will give you plenty of milage.

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BFG A/T's are a great tyre

Thu, 2010-11-04 23:06

BFG A/T's are a great tyre got them at the moment.
The Bridgestone Dueler A/T D694 are also another to consider
very quiet, fantastic on road in the wet, great all rounder.
Had them on the Jackaroo for 6 years and did the job.

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Ive got Coopers

Fri, 2010-11-05 01:21

I like BFGs and also Coopers.They handle very differently as the coopers seem to be more direct in steering,the BFGs lasted 80000 ks before they needed changing and I went to buy some more but they didnt have them in town at the time(tom price)so I put cooper STCs on and it took a while for me to get comfortable with the way they felt on the road but I got used to it and they are a very capable tyre that do last. I will tell you that they both will get bogged in the mud when launching in a creek.Road noise is about the same but the coopers stand taller when deflated to 15psi on the beach.



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Fri, 2010-11-05 01:36

Have go coopers on the Nissan at the moment and will put them on when it comes to replace them.

They are a lot quieter than the BFGs and last a lot longer.

Over the years  have tried most top brands when pro beach fishing Bridgestones probably best for sand work but they didn't last as near as long as the coopers.


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I like Nanking

Fri, 2010-11-05 07:35

they are good long as you don't go faster that 80k's. cheap too.

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Toyo ht are also worth a

Fri, 2010-11-05 07:58

Toyo ht are also worth a look as are the open country in the same brand. Had them on the 100 series and extremely good in sand and on the highway, which in reality that is all I ever do, I think if you do a lot of rock climbing etc then procomp are pretty much the ducks testicles, but they are heavy and pretty serious offroad tyres.

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they bout the same ive got

Fri, 2010-11-05 13:14

they bout the same ive got ST awsome the only differece you willl find is the price coopers heaps cheaper.

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Ive had Mickey's on my last

Fri, 2010-11-05 13:29

Ive had Mickey's on my last 2 4wd's great all round tyre

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Got BF All Terrains on the

Sat, 2010-11-06 07:55

Got BF All Terrains on the Pajero at the moment and i haven't punctured one yet in the Pilbara where my Coopers i did two in quick succesion, mind you they weren't the ST's or AT's they where some mild offroad tyre as they didn't have anything to suit the Pajero's 18 inch rims.

Cost me 600 a corner for the BF's, be aware if you have an odd sized rim fellas


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Mate they both have there

Sat, 2010-11-06 19:37

Mate they both have there pro's & con's & are both an obviously popular tyre & with that you have more chance finding them in a pinch.

From my personal experience I believed the cooper st's were a better all-rounder than the BFG All Terrain for the driving I do although I had more tyre damage to the coopers being some of the outside lugs tore off (Cooper St/C will solve this to some degree). BFG did not escape from this also but was not as noticeable or severe (Yes were both operated correctly with pressures ect)

Coopers St's are a tad more noisier on the black-top (To be expected as they have a more aggressive open tread design) but aired down I found they had better flotation & grip than the Bfg's considering they are quite similar in their construction. I would quite comfortably drive in even the most softest of sand with the Cooper St's at 14psi although with the BFG'S I was getting down to 10psi to get the same driving behaviour.

Road handling in both dry & wet I really did not notice a difference as well as on gravel but on the gravel roads I found the pea gravel getting stuck in the tread of the Cooper St's a minor nuisance.

In the mud I found & have witnessed that the coopers faired much better but once again to be expected as they are a more open tread. This was my main downfall of the BFG all terrain although they are not a mud terrain I know but for an all terrain they really under-performed in even the mildest of wet clay.

If it is mainly for the road & sand then BFG will more than likely do, although on that Any tyre will be fine on the road & sand but with the Cooper or BFG you have some confidence knowing they are a lot stronger in sidewall construction than run of the mill which is good for the coastal cap rock.

To be honest though I think both are way over priced & I would not run with either again as there are better tyres available around that price mark.

To answer you're question though it would have to come down to either price or looks as they are really very similar unless playing in the wet sloppy stuff a bit?

Personal driving experience was on a 100 series land cruiser weighing in at around 2.7 tonne though. Although I have seen them both in a vast array of situations & vehicles.

Shop around though as the price difference between tyre retailers are quite comical.

Enjoy :)

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Cheapest in Perth for Mickey

Tue, 2010-11-09 14:21

Cheapest in Perth for Mickey Thompson and Pro Comp would have to be Perth 4x4 in Balcatta. Got my 35x12.5R17 Mickey Thompson ATZ's from them after shopping around and saved more than a few hundred.