The Alkimos

 Been a very long time between posts here, but I figured there would be a few old salts and some not so old salts on the page that would have some great memories or experiences with the Alkimos. Chucked together a quick video of the Life and Loss of the Alkimos the other day after diving on whats left of the wreck. Paid a small price to Henry but he was all good last Thursday, video goes for a little while (8minutes) the dive stuff is the last few minutes. Love hearing a few old stories if anyone has them.


 Dave J.

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Tue, 2020-05-19 06:59

 That's great Dave. I had always heard myths about the ship being haunted but never knew the history. thanks for sharing. A true bit of history.

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Tue, 2020-05-19 06:59

 That's great Dave. I had always heard myths about the ship being haunted but never knew the history. thanks for sharing. A true bit of history.

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great story

Tue, 2020-05-19 07:13

 used to surf the reef directly west of the Wreck and just to the left of the Reef is a good place to go through the reef if the swell is up 

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my brother in law lives up that way

Tue, 2020-05-19 10:02

 he told me a story from years ago when a mate and himself were surfing near there, they had gone out in a little tinny, anchord well away from any surf  and paddled over to the break. he reckons once they got out to the breakers the surf died down pretty much instantly which had them sitting around talking shit to eachother for about 30 minutes waiting for decent sets to come in. Out of no where 1 big rolling wave popped up right where the tinny was,he told me they both watched this wave just swamp the boat causing it to tip over. he knew the place was supposed to be haunted and was not sure if it had anything to do with the alkimos but he said he has never surfed out there ever since.

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Jeez it did well consindering

Tue, 2020-05-19 07:35

Jeez it did well consindering an expected 5 year life!

Very interesting. 

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Walking on it.

Tue, 2020-05-19 08:01

 I remember dad pulling the boat up to it on the way to Yanchep and the Bird Man Rally. We all had a walk on it. Must have been late 70's.

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 Nice looking dive site ,

Tue, 2020-05-19 08:46

 Nice looking dive site , wonder why there isn't any dive charters that go there 

How deep was the dive ?


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 Yeah its only around 5m max,

Tue, 2020-05-19 13:20

 Yeah its only around 5m max, to be honest only jumped in once before and didnt rate it, its a dirty green washing machine in even a small swell. Last thursday there was probably less than .5m? Was pretty cool but guess you need to pick the days


 Dave J.

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That was really interesting

Tue, 2020-05-19 09:28

Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed it very much.  

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Time traveller?

Tue, 2020-05-19 14:27

 Dont laugh , this is a fair dinks true story. 

 Me , girlfriend and a mate visited there in a 4wd rocky ( remember them?) in the early 90,s for a fish and casual  surf.

 Me and gf started fishing as steve ( name not changed ) decided to paddle out to wreck for a look , it was calm and warm.

 After about 10 mins we lost sight of steve as he padddled around wreck , and continued to fish on . 

 After lunch and another 30-45m we started to get worried , and couldnt see our mate.

 We discussed swimming out or driving out for help , when finally he appeared , phew.

 On returning to beach we quizzed him on his near 2 hr paddle , to which he replyed bullshit , out there for 20mins and back .

 To this day he swears he was 20 mins and we say near 2hrs. 

 He did board wreck and said ( very calm and sensible guy) he had a very short but disturbing inner feeling so he left.

 I for one am glad its finally returned to its watery grave.



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 spooky shit!

Wed, 2020-05-20 08:00

 spooky shit!

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 Excellent video Dave.Must

Tue, 2020-05-19 13:10

 Excellent video Dave.

Must admitt, i didnt even know that the Alkimos was a wreck. A very interesting story.

Amazing how quick the Yanks were building those ships.

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Cheers guys

Tue, 2020-05-19 13:20

 Knew there'd have to be a few good stories out of there


 Dave J.

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Great vid there mate

Tue, 2020-05-19 13:31

 I did my scuba course with Jack Sue and his son Barry years ago (showing my age now!), he wrote a book about the alkimos, he was convinced it was haunted and bad luck folowed those who boarded it. Thanks again for the vid cheers 

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 Great vid! I grew up fishing

Tue, 2020-05-19 14:27

 Great vid! I grew up fishing that coast and we never drove past the wreck. If dad did something always happened. Radio station changing getting bogged in simple conditions, even blew a tire in the sand once. Unfortunately i never got to see much more of it than the nose and part of the body, but its been sad to watch just that much deteriorate. Cheers for the vid, a bit of info i didnt know and cool pics l ive never seen.


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Tue, 2020-05-19 15:47

 We used to surf the reef further out.

We had a tinny to get there and anchor next to the wreck when the wind was howling.

You could drive the tinny through the wreck,and you could climb the wreck and jump off had to be weary were you stepped because it was chockers with bird shit.

There was a charter boat that used to go there full of tourists playing ghost music in the background.

Great vid.

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Many thanks for the vid

Tue, 2020-05-19 17:06

Very much appreciated, there is another wreck of our coast (modern wreck I mean) and that is of an oil rig that came unstuck some time in the 60s I think

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Key Biscayne of

Thu, 2020-05-21 07:54

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Thanks very much for that brock o

Thu, 2020-05-21 15:06

I found that quite interesting, there is no mention that it is a dive only site, do you know if fishing is allowed on the wreck.

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Just check fisheries

Thu, 2020-05-21 19:33

Just check fisheries page...doesn't fall under any marine reserves as such that I can find.

Known for its large number of crayfish and palagics.....and Grey Nurse sharks..LOL

Nice Vid and bit of research Reef monkey.

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Tue, 2020-05-19 17:42

 Cheers for that mate was geat to learn the whole story of the ship. Always heard the haunted stories about it buy never knew the origin of those stories.


 Its a fine line between fishing and sitting there looking stupid

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great video

Tue, 2020-05-19 18:59

i`ve watched it dissappear since the early seventies. i was never game to go close it and i still

don`t. always give it a wide berth when ever i travel that way in the boat

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Wed, 2020-05-20 09:29

The music makes the video even more compelling. Haunting. Emotive.

Great video 


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 Cool video!We used to surf

Wed, 2020-05-20 12:32

 Cool video!

We used to surf there years ago. Nearly sunk our boat at anchor one day when I was on it having a rest. Not because of ghosts but because we anchored too close to the break and the tide had dropped. Set came through and just made it over! Lesson learnt.

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Cheers all

Wed, 2020-05-20 13:27

 Thanks for checking it out all, cool bit of local mystery! 


 Dave J.

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 Not my favorite soundtrack

Wed, 2020-05-20 16:30

 Not my favorite soundtrack nonetheless interesting story and some nice schools of buff bream to be had