Another car-park break-in attempt NOR

Hi guys,

Just a warning...I tried the beach at the end of Shenton Ave, Iluka yesterday (I think it's still Burns?) and was only there 1.5 hrs and my missus almost new Mondeo was vandalised by some prick trying to break in. All the trim around the door was smashed and bent - it looked like the swine had gone into a frenzy.

It's that small carpark next to the park with the barbies, when you turn right at the end of Shenton.

There was a suspicious looking white Magna wagon with no hubcaps already there at 5:30am, so I should have thought twice. I didn't see if there was anyone camping in it, but I'm guessing so because there wasn't anyone on the beach...

Worst thing is, my car is temporarily 'failing to proceed' which is why I borrowed hers, so 'er indoors is NOT HAPPY.

Anyway, I caught a 45cm tailor (on a three gang and mulie) so all was not lost...



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Sun, 2011-11-06 12:57

that sucks