any good sparkys

 need some one to connect an anderson plug in me car i have all the batterys solernoid cables etc just need to connect to main battery run throw to boot of car to another battery would probrly take an hour any quotes much appreciated cheers


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 So what exactly are you

Mon, 2017-07-17 13:00

 So what exactly are you needing done? Sounds like installing a 2nd battery & then a run to an anderson plug? Easy enough to do but it will take more than an hour unless you already have your interior apart. If you are running a 2nd battery, I strongly suggest hooking up a 2nd fuse box to run all your gadgets from. A run of 100amp cable from the 2nd battery to a 40amp circuit breaker then more 100amp to a new fuse block. From the fuse block you can then run what ever you like, eg, anderson plug, 12v sockets, extra lights. It's all very easy to do yourself if you want to & have the time. Just look around for dual battery set & rear fuse block installations on 4x4 forums & you will find all the info you need to do it all yourself. 

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Mon, 2017-07-17 13:30

shimka  but the battery i have has 12v adaptors and usb ports already on it and it just rund through a solarnoid to the main battery on the motor and cuts out before drainign main battery just need it redone as we broguht a new car 


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