Any reviews on polycraft boats ???

 i m thinking about buying a polycraft 5.99 center console ??


anyone have any good advice on them ??


I have only ever seen one in Carnarvon, the dealer swears by them ??


Just looking for some advice before I take the plunge ??


Any advice good or bad is sweet



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Wed, 2013-04-10 18:48

only been in a mates 4.5m tiller

cant complain for the size and ride.

consider what accessories you will be attaching to it as plastic has its problems

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 I have a 5.99 frontier and

Thu, 2013-04-11 12:59

 I have a 5.99 frontier and rate it highly. I have a 175 Suzuki on it and have been out 40nm off shore it in. Loves a following sea when heading home. Low maintenance easy to clean. The boat is heavy but sits nicely in the water on drift. Can have three bodies on one side without the fear of tipping. They are a wet boat when punching into the swell but okay if you have clears. The motor should be up around the maximum rated due to there weight IMO.


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