Back from Gnaraloo

Just got back from Gnaraloo and Quobba where favourable easterlies in the morning and near glass off's in the afternoon would have seen some great fishing for the keen landbasers. Driving down on Sunday and back today saw balloon's just hovering off the coast with football fields of tuna busting up the surface out from the wall, whistlers, fencelines. Didn't see a hell of a lot of action at Garths but 2 guys were setting up and things looked fishy. Boaties did well best red being 10kg gutted as a double with another 4kg red being highlight. Plenty of fish about thats for sure!




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sounds good

Tue, 2008-06-24 21:26

hope its like that up that way in 1 1/2 weeks



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Thas great news mate ive

Tue, 2008-06-24 21:28

Thas great news mate ive just got 2 mates that went up for a few days landbased at garths and nearby locations. hopefully they do alright. Cheers.

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Sounds great alright

Tue, 2008-06-24 22:37

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Have to head up there when

Fri, 2008-06-27 05:27

Have to head up there when the local fishing ban comes into play.


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