Bait schools

Hey all well yesterday i went out with Flywest out from Mandurah

We put ALOT of time in to trying for mac's only managed to hook a few tuna which were lost right beside the boat :(. There was alot of smaller baitfish schools out wide but not many birds working them to point us in the right direction. It seems the birds must have found a better feed elsewhere. Well on the way back thru the cut on the south side was the biggest school of baitfish i have ever seen. Was truely amazing 11m deep water was just full wall to wall of little whitebait we saw sharks and dol[phines holding them in the shallows and would you believe about 5-8 kids on boogie boards were swimming in the middle of this bait school. They must have thought it was weed or something, would have thought the amount of birds diving would have said to them maybe we should get out. Will be listening closely to see if any limbs were lost yesterday down here lol

Thanx Flywest for a great day will have to do it again soon

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I'll say looking4mulloway - a great day indeed!

Wed, 2006-02-22 13:42

I have to say - I enjoyed Shanes company immensely!.

He's a true fisher among men - it's seldom I've spent a day out, and seen and hooked so many good fish - to come home not much better off than empthy handed!

We saw fish everywhere we went. It was the sort of day on the water you might see maybe 3 or 4 times in a lifetime - the bait balls were just freakish to witness - and as he says sharks and dolphins everywhere...

I'll try n get a download from my sons cameraphone of the sounder pic...truly amazing - like the sort of action we saw on TV at the cuvier cliffs a few years back.

I have to admit - I reckon most of the fish in the ocean yesterday had to have a belly full of bait and not be too hungry coz we worked VERY hard for every thing we hooked and to lose a couple at boatside like that can be frustrating for many people, but not looking4mulloway - just shrugs and says - lets get the next one! ;o)

Thats the sorta guy I like to fish with - nuthin phases him...just takes it in his stride!

Reckon we'll see more from this guy in time to come...hope the fish get hungry again sometime soon!


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Day Out

Wed, 2006-02-22 17:00

Sounds pretty awesome fellas! Bit of bad luck about the results but atleast you were out there giving it a shot.. Sounds like it was a good day out regardless of the fish. Would have loved to have seen the baitballs, atleast it means that there will be bigger fish out there chasing the small stuff.. Some guy landed a 200kg mako out at the trench on a trolling lure the other day, check out his trench report on wangler.

Wonder if thats why the fishing has been so quiet lately, so much other stuff for the fish to feed on....?

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Hey adam yes it was great

Wed, 2006-02-22 17:13

Hey adam yes it was great even without landing all the fish. The strangest part of the day was seeing a school of snapper come right upto the boat and some big ones amongst them taking small cubed mullie blocks from burley trailwe could see the same fish examine our floters of mulies but do you think they would take anything with a hook in it NOT likely. We tried everything i know of except a grenade lol.