Hi Guys i have a Baron Sportsman and older model it has a motor well with formed seats either side  , was thinking of fitting a Pod and removing the seats and reforming the transom to incorporate live bait tank bait board, opening hatches for the batterys ect and possible duck boards .

Does anyone know if it will alter the way my baron handles ect thanks

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I have a Baron Out-rider

Sun, 2012-12-09 20:55

I have a  Baron Out-rider, and ever since i have owned it the ride has been crap. I am working on moving weight up forward, have moved my batteries forward, and that made a major difference. By installing a pod, that will have bouyancy and will off set the weight of the motor (hopefully) being moved back. I havn't been out for a while, however my next trip, I will be putting some extra weight in the bows to see if I can get a further improvement. If you have the money, installing an anchor winch, and bow sprit will also off-set the weight change. If however you modify the boat and end up with the bow high, you are going to regret it. my back can vouch for that.