Boat builder 70's

 Long story short my grand mother used to work in the the mid to late 70's building boats. All she can remember is that it was on Scarborough beach road and that they were recreational glassboats as she used to lay up the fibre glass etc.  

Would any one on here know where she worked? Someone said blaxell possibly? I thought it could be penguin. But she said it didn't ring any bells. Interested to find out.


Another thing she said that was interesting is that the resin they used back then got so warm once it was mixed with the catylist it would ignite into a flame if any fuel source left in the pot, paint brushes etc! She said they had 3 fires at the factory while she worked there. 


Thanks in advance 

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Mon, 2018-04-09 21:15

tom blaxell was in Scarborough beach road in the 70 about where JB hifi is now Cnr kind Edward and Scarborough beach road ,  down the road is Hawke who use to build boats and hobby cats , their on Frobisher road and still operating