bream but no BREAM!

hey guys


my name is mike from perth wa and im new to the fourms :D

really been getting into the fishing recently, and im loving it!

my main fish i catch is bream but sad to say i have never caught any decent sized bream, nothing over 26cms

PLENTY of bream under 26cms though, was just wondering if i could have some tips and pointers on how to target the bigger ones?

Also i have never been beach fishing, i would love if i could go with someone someday (i will bring beers) and get the low down on beach fishing and land a fish from the sea, thats my biggest fishing goal.


anyway dont be scared to chat


Mike :D

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 Welcome to the site Misko

Mon, 2013-10-28 19:00

 Welcome to the site Misko

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cheers man :)

Mon, 2013-10-28 19:04

cheers man :)

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big bream.

Mon, 2013-10-28 19:08

 are pretty cunning! if ur fishing bait or lure use light flurocarbon leaders 3- 8lb. Yachtclubs hold good fish but blowies can be a problem and so can the boat owners. Up stream around burswood is productive but be prepared to keep moving to find fish. best baits- crabs, fresh prawns, anything fresh. Lures are great to get into. try pontoon 21 crackjacks, ecogear sx40s. Anyways huntem down and post ur pics!!!

ps if the comodore and his toffs chase you out of the clubs, tell him i sent you. ; )


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Mon, 2013-10-28 19:22

thanks for the advice mate. im currently using 8lb braid with a 6lb fluro leader running sinker and size 1 bait holder hook. i Mainly use prawns and thread them onto the hook so they sit up the hook shaft, i have lots of success using fresh bread and also corn!

I would love to get more knowlegde and use HB & SP lures, i have a few lures, i only caught one bream on a blade, blowies took chunks out of my soft plastics. since i have tried a few lures with no success i gave up on them and went back to baits. Would really love to know how to use them correctly so i dont have to spend money on fresh bait all the time haha :P

i have been to few places in perth for bream including blackwall reach, ashfield, guildford, freo, upperswan near ellenbrook, but my favourite place by far is Moore river. thats where i have caught my biggest (being 26cms) and most fish.

as you mentioned i will look into those lures


Cheers :)

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Tue, 2013-10-29 07:33

Find somewhere to dig some cockles in the Swan with a shovel (you'll need a floating sieve for this) and then look for places in the river with some structure, trees that have fallen into the river, etc..

Use the cockles with a No 2 "K" Hook and no lead on the line/leader combo you mentioned and flick them around the structure. You don't have to cast far, usually only 10 metres from the bank.

If you hit one, get it out quick, else they'll have you in the snags in no time.

Good luck and tight lines.

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Fish mosmans, this is where i

Tue, 2013-10-29 08:06

Fish mosmans, this is where i get my big 45cm + 


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 Welcome to the site

Tue, 2013-10-29 10:07

 Welcome to the site mate.

Even if you want to get out of the city and take a drive south for 50mins you have the serpentine and Murray river systems through mandurah. These rivers hold black bream and some by catch of tailor. Beautiful place and the summer months produce fantastic bream further upstream. Regardless a nice place to fish land based and have few beers



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Tue, 2013-10-29 10:17

I was up at moore river two weekends ago. Caught hundreds of little buggers and two of decent size which I threw back.  One 28cm and one 35cm. I was just using a small running sinker and a small hook with a tiny bit of prawn. Its a good day fiahing up there, I will be going back soon.

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 If you are after quality

Tue, 2013-10-29 11:41

 If you are after quality fish a great place to go is the Murray river. There are lots of big bream there, particularly upstream in the summer months. I have had a fair bit of success around the Yunderup area with either cubes of mulie (which the bream smash) or whole prawns, both unweighted. Good luck, hope you get a few good ones.


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Active fourm:)

Tue, 2013-10-29 18:34

hey guys i really appreciate how active everyone is and willing to give me some advice!

i will be sure to check out the murray river and the local mosmans area. Im really enjoying the bream and am going to go out this weekend and use HB/SP lures and persist untill i catch a fish on them thats this weekends goal!!

Im hoping to get down to the beach sometime in the next couple of days to test out my new surf fishing rod. I never thought much of the beach fishing as i love the action of the bream where you can cast out and have a fish on in a couple of mins (providing your in the right spot) but the surf, i lose interest as you have to wait along time even hours before you catch something and i get bored easily. what do you guys do wile you waiting for that fish on at the beach? I know it would be worth the wait as the fish you catch can be huge and put on a good fight ( i love a good fighting fish)


anyway thanks again for the tips and tricks guys appreciate it



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up north

Tue, 2013-10-29 18:39

Also just a quick one, whats fishing like up at shark bay? im going there in january for a weeks holiday and planning to do a bit of fishing :)



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Hey mate just a few tips,

Wed, 2013-10-30 13:01

Hey mate just a few tips, when fishing hardbodies for bream from land try and find a location where you can cast back at shore or cast parallel with the shoreline ie off a jetty or a point because the bream normally hold up in the snags right on the shore. (A good spot for this is in the murray at a place called the s bend as there are multiple private boat jettys scattered along the shoreline, also north/south yunderup has the same). Also if your casting them out into deep water it is hard to get them down to where the fish are, not so bad with sp's as you can let them sink down. Another thing is dont be stingy when buying hard bodies as the more you spend the more you will catch in my opinion as bream are fussy (good lures to try ecogear sx40 sx45, jackall chubby, atomic hardz.. you can get these off ebay alot cheaper than here). I had a lend of my mates bream boat for a few months as he never used it  and got the taste of pinging hard bodies deep in the snags on shore and unfortunately after he took it back i havnt fished for bream since as it is hard to go back to casting from shore. In saying this my pb for bream (45) was caught from shore, on and ecogear sx40, off a jetty casting back at the shore line in front of the ravenswood pub on the murray so it is possible.

When chasing some tailor or what not off the beach it is all about the time of day, tides and so on. The best time to bag yourself a tailor is just on/after sunset in my opinion, dont get there to early and you wont have to wait long if they are around, although i think it is good to be there early putting bait in  the water even if theres nothing biting so that your luring any fish into that spot when they do come because the water is all burleyed up. Summers coming on and that means there will be hoards of chopper tailor starting to rock up on pretty much all your locale beaches so get into it mate theres nothing better!

In regards to shark bay theres alot of good fishing to be done you just have to know the right spots. If you have a 4wd you will be able to access plenty of them, if not your pretty much bound to the dehnam jetty or monkey mia jetty. A good spot to try if you have a 4wd would be around the cape at cape peron (get some good pinkies land based there). Take some polarized glasses with you and check out the shallows as well coz theres plenty of jumbo tailor up there to cast a few poppers/minnows at.

Hope this helps out mate


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Sat, 2013-11-02 17:50

 Hey mate really appreciate the advice! I went to Moore river again today with the goal to catch bream on lures, tried everything you mentioned but not one bite! I got pretty frustrated so I thought I'd try the old hook and bait and BAM straight on! I tried all my hard body lures blades and even gulpys and nothing. Tried all different sorts of retrieves. Caught plenty on bait though haha, was a good day out! 


Investing into a boat real soon. Looking at buying a half cab around 14ft to get around in better places :)