Burns and Trigg beach

Hi Guys, and maybe some Gals!!

I am a newbie to fishwrecked, lovely site, and also new to Perth, was in QLD before, so yes I have moved over to the "far" side Luke!!

I have a couple of questions for some fishing around the North side, I have done a bit of fishing at Hillarys, Ocean Reef Marina and Club Capricorn with a bit of luck with Rays (always throw back), Tailor, Salmon and a couple of Whiting.

I was just doing a bit of scouting up and down the coast and wondered if anyone has had any luck at Burns and Trigg beach?

Seems there are a nice couple of shallow reefs to do a bit of drifting, or just to get snagged!! 

Another question is if there is anyone who has any luck getting sand worms or pippies?

All the help would be greatly appreciated, or if you have any other suggestions on the north side.



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Mick- had a heap of fun over

Mon, 2010-12-20 15:40

Mick- had a heap of fun over the years at Triggs from chucking lures around to rigging small gang hooks suitable for a whole whitebait etc and flicking them into the reef holes & gutters during the summer months. Also had some great tailor sessions there in the evening

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Unfortunately thetre are no sands worms or pippies

Mon, 2010-12-20 17:21

aroung Perth Mick71.

As Lamby said, Triggs is a great spot for some fun fishing, especially this time of the year, when the tailor are starting to run.



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