Camping and fishing Ningaloo station

 Just looking for any advice for my stay a ningaloo station in 3 weeks. I'll be tenting it for 7 days so any tips from people who experience up there will be very helpful. We are going to have a crack at catching a bill fish on lures and will be launching a 5.6 m alli from the beach. Advice greatly appreciated cheers. 

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 Take wind breaks, do your

Sun, 2017-04-09 06:44

 Take wind breaks, do your footy tipping before you go and take a safety factor of beer....

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Treat the place with utmost respect

Sun, 2017-04-09 20:59

 Take a chemical toilet, enjoy yourself

and only leave footprints. Seen too many filthy campers up that way for my liking.


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All of

Sun, 2017-04-09 21:21

the above though you can hire a toilet at the homestead.

Lauching shouldn't be an issue as I towed my barcrusher and launched it and mored it no worries ,though let your tyres down to decrease stress on the boat cause if your anything like me it will be a tad over loaded.

Take a few squad jigs n look for the weed n be prepared for that larger Marlin as we hooked a large blue on 10 kg which towed us around for 3 hours till I busted if off. 

Block ice is also a winner and keep an eye on the sounder if you troll the 150- 300 m mark as there is some nice deep dropping ground if you can find it.

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Sun, 2017-04-09 21:47

 Appreciate the advice no problems with looking after the place i hate the disrespectful campers too. I'll through in asome old shade cloth as a windbreaker and hope for the best. Any marlin will be a bonus one we can land will be priceless. A red or 2 wouldn't go astray either I'll load the go pro and hope for the best. Any recommendations as far as camp spots?

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 I am heading up for 2 weeks

Mon, 2017-04-10 10:38

 I am heading up for 2 weeks on Thursday. Cracking spot - but I launch boat at Coral Bay and set up a camp on the beach at NS as need a ramp to launch the boat. As the other guys have elduded, a 5.5m plate aluminium on a decent trailer will be fine on the track if you take it slow with a bit of air out of your tyres. Some years the track can be pretty corrogated, others its not too bad so luck of the draw really.

Block Ice essential. -we run 1 big fibreglass esky full of block ice and just take one out each day for the smaller eskies on the boat or in the camp. Engels off a big battery with solar panels charging during day and a little genset to top it up at night.

Lots of jerry cans if your billfishing all day, that said it is the cheap place to go billfishing for a week. 4km off the reef and you are in 130m of water.

Happy to point you in right direction re getting out of the reef depending on where your launching. I seem to do better on the billfish at NS than Exmouth - doesnt mean much though!

We seem to end up driving into town for all the stuff we forgot/ran out of anyway - so dont get too worried about taking every last item to last the full time you are there. If you have a decent 4wd it doesnt take too long to zip out the tracks and into town first up in the morning or in the evenning.



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Thanks sam

Mon, 2017-04-10 15:01

 Cheers sam our camp is at south lefroy. Mate where would be the best passage for us to use. And leaving the boat on anchor or bring it out  each night? Have a great trip look fwd too the photos 

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  I "painted" a very high

Mon, 2017-04-10 16:06



I "painted" a very high quality map for you but I am trying to work out how to paste a picture to no avail.. I normally camp at Winderabandi - real good setup to leave the boat on anchor in deep water with sandy bottom and you can be camped on the beach. Was at South Lefroy for a weekend a month or so ago and we came in straight out from Point Billie per the navionics surveyed area - few rocks, just have someone on the bow, anything other than a very low tide you should be pretty right. I have found there to be large expanses of limestone type rock just off the shore throughout South Lefroy - kind of looks like weed but some of them are solid so just be mindful as you get closer to the shore. You can also cruise out through the channel 1/2 way up Lefroy bay (depending how far 'south' your camped) - stick to the northern side of what looks like the passage, it is semi protected to the south be reef that protrudes further out. All pretty common sense stuff once you have had a close inspection on google earth and navionics.

If you PM your email address I am happy to send through my mudmap.


If you can snag a camp at Winderabandi I would highly recommend it - about 1/4 of the way out the sand bar.


We have to enjoy it while we still can. Government doing what they can to take it off the Lefroys and ultimately ruin this section of coastline in a similar fashion to what they have the rest of their expansive ill managed environmentally sensitive land portfolio! Lefroys have done a great job and hopefully the government realise isolation and inaccesibility = fewer ignorant humans = preservation of environmental assets, before they create another Coral Bay. 

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Livewire, been in there a

Mon, 2017-04-10 22:56

Livewire, been in there a couple of times. Sausagesizzle is pointing you in the right direction. If you haven't found it yet get onto the navonics webapp. Good maps showing reef ect. You can plot courses and it will give you distances so you can work out fuel.
Great part of the world !!

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Thanks (pm sent)

Tue, 2017-04-11 10:17

 Thanks sam & CraigL. I'll check with the homestead and see if we can camp at Winderbandi. I agree with keeping these properties in the control of the owners I've  seen the changes, and listened to the old boys talking about there love of the places. Generations have spent there family getaways together at places like Ningaloo. The goverment in the quest for control and giving access to these out of the way places can ruin what is most loved about them! 

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 Definatly a great place, we

Tue, 2017-04-11 14:26

 Definatly a great place, we have stayed a few times at south lefroy bay and point billy both of them you can launch your boat from, south lefroy you just need to find a bit of hard sand along it. If you are looking for your campsite at iether id suggest un hooking your boat when you are through the gate and driving it first to find it, the maps or directions you will get from the homestead will be different everytime. corrigation on the tracks is the best in the northwest so allow at least 2hrs from leaving the turn off into the homestead to get to your campsite. Personally i think the guys their running it should have been doing more to protect it and provide some sort of waste managment plan for the 100's of people that are their at any one time.

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Been there 4 times

Mon, 2017-04-17 14:31

I have been there 4 times only once gut stitched by the wind where it was windy for 5 days straight.

Caught heap of billfish in a 4.8 meter tinny in 100 meters of water just behind the reef it is a magic place but beware the track it takes us 3 hours sometimes to get in. Go slow or the boat trailer falls apart.

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Search is your friend

Tue, 2017-04-18 13:22

Lots of good advice in this old thread, including a map on how to get ina and out of the most commonly used passages.  And yes, the track. Have a good well-maintained trailer and take it easy. You could get lucky on the track north of the homestead, there is a road plough around now, just depends if anyone has used it just before you get there.