cooking leatherjacket

just wondering in ur opinions what is the best wayh to cook at eat yellowfinned leatherjacket? because we caught one a few days ago.

and thinking about buyin a new alvey 500b surf reel for 30 bucks a good deal? my dad yhas an old 30 yr old Alvey 'Estuary Champion 600 A5' reel and i dont want to ruin it when i go out


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hehe for a leather jacket

Fri, 2007-07-20 22:12

hehe for a leather jacket just fillet it -there is a knack to it ...(must be skinned first)
or eat it whole dusted in flour... cut its head off and skin it whole - slid ya fingers between the "leather" and the white inner skin and it just tears off.
sorry about the crap explination but its easier if you show someone..
might have to make a few video's on fish filleting and prep work one of these days so i can explain stuff better :)

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once you clean it

Sun, 2007-07-22 12:33

lemon pepper , garlic and some butter wrapped in foil and 5 mins on each side on hot coals or  a barbie plate.....................mmmmmmmmmmmmm im dribblin just thinkin bout it............