diving for crays.

HI guys.

I was looking at getting myself a snare, however havent ever tried this before.

i am mainly looking to snorkel/freedive in relatively shallow water, particulalry around rotto, eventaullay may renew my tickect and venture out deeper.

just wondering if any advice on what to look for? brands etc? i have heard the odysea loops r ok? also what is the difference with the lenghts?

any advice greatly aprecoated, and if i ahve fogotten anything please enlighten me!


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 Standard 100cm Odysseus,

Wed, 2018-01-10 15:25


Standard 100cm Odysseus, just make sure you wrap the whole shaft in black electrical tape. Personal preference but I alway add a small pencil torch down the end at the same time.


Good luck!

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Wed, 2018-01-10 15:36

1m or 1.25m and we've used and sold both the Mako and Odysseus brands, both good.

Above tip for light is what we do, helps in the darker corner/caves etc


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Wed, 2018-01-10 16:30

 yep oddyseus for me to seems to hold them a bit better 

rotto the perfect place to look for them have a look at archon torches really  bright and come with rechargeable batteries

just gaffer tape it on in line with the loop 

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Wed, 2018-01-10 17:55

 Just wondering why you wrap it in black tape ?

I rebuild mine with thicker wire and make the loop bigger to make it easier to get around jumbos.

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 Yeh AB why the black

Wed, 2018-01-10 17:49

 Yeh AB why the black tape? 


Odysseus minus the spring for me!

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 Just one of those things I

Thu, 2018-01-11 07:41


Just one of those things I was shown and just do. Noise dampening, also helps stop light relection off the metal. Anything to be more stealth.

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Black tape

Thu, 2018-01-11 10:04

Stops the cray from picking up the little bit of elec current that is in the shaft of the loop,black elec tap wound all the way up the loop shaft.For the non believers out there try it ,let the cray's feelers touch the shaft of the loop without tap and see what happens then use one with the tape.