Esperance and Albany landbased quadding

Might do a quick movie later as we have some great footage from our annual trip ,

down south , but for now we have posted some pics.

We went for a week , and copped some fowl weather as we expected.

Still thats never stopped us enjoying the delights of charging salmon and clean south coast


We explored new places, caught heaps of fish, and quadded everywhere we could,

whilst watching dolphins surfing the breaks and salmon hearding baitfish in the gutters.

Spot the fish in the second pic!




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sweet pics

Sat, 2013-05-04 16:25

Looks like some great quad country,  i will have to try the serious face when i get a fishing photos, must be just me i cant help smiling....

Just stirring... thanks for sharing.


Anywhere anytime

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Half ya luck

Sat, 2013-05-04 16:44

haha , its just me!

I was rejoicing at that last pic , first time I have smiled in years on a photo!

As anyone who knows me , will attest I am always smiling and joking , just not on film.

I put it down to endless , sit on santas knee, smile while granny kisses you, type thing as a

kid , soon as a camera comes out , thats it Im pouting.( and looks like my daughters the same!)

Yep the south coast from Albany eastwards to Esperance is the last great wilderness left to quad fish in,

avoid the National parks , and your usually right, with some councils and communitys down there

encouraging and acknowleging how useful and low inpact ( if driven correctly) quads can be.

Bless,ed is he ( or her) who quads.



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Nice work

Sat, 2013-05-04 16:56

Hey quadfisher, what's involved in registering a quad bike?


WA based manufacturer and supplier of premium leadhead jigs, bucktail jigs, 'bulletproof' soft plastic jig heads and XOS bullet jig heads.

Jigs available NOR at Shorecatch, Bluewater Joondalup/Myaree or online in my web store!

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Can o worms

Sat, 2013-05-04 19:32

I have posted before , but here it is in a nutshell.

My bike , like many others has a off road lic , which costs 6 bucks a year to register.

It is a semi -defunct system that was set up years ago under the off road vehicle act of about 1982-84.

This system was going to regulate off road vehicles , in gassetted off road veh areas like lancelin, thomas road and gnangara, and

the southgate dune area in Gero.

It isnt enforced that much and entitles you to zip.( I have it as a just in case I go there thing)

Then you have some quads in W.a lic under a farm lic system.( they dont need to be road legal) This is to allow farmers to cross gassetted roads

to access there paddocks.In this system you must nominate what area you vehicle will operate, and what roads you will cross.

Also your home address must be a farm basicly.

Lastly you have road licenced quads like at coral bay,wagoe, and some councils etc.( they dont need to be road legal, ind, horns etc etc)

This can only be done by contacting the special veh branch of licencing, and applying, which you will be told

this is only for businessess etc and they will not allow a individual to road lic a quad. If you could , you could then use them in        

national parks, as you would then be paying a third party insurance premium, which is the reason quads are outlawed in N.P,s

not the possible damage they may cause , as many think.( driven properly , they have less impact than 4wds)

I have tryed every avenue to make myself legal whilst crossing roads to access legal beachs, and have researched it to its end.

In the end , I drive anywhere from 4-8 hours just to get away from all the bull----t , and quad along remote , distant beaches

away from the world, to relax, fish and quad.





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 Great report Quad, I'm sure

Sat, 2013-05-04 20:26

 Great report Quad, I'm sure you were smilin on the inside. 


 Just because I smile & nod does not mean I believe the crap coming out of your mouth.

All people have the right to stupidity but some abuse the privilege.

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 nice report i live in the

Wed, 2013-05-08 13:47

 nice report 

i live in the grenough river estate and ride my quad over the dunes behind the caravan park and accross the river mouth which is not strictly allowed, have been stopped by the ranger a few times and told not to do it, they usualy agree with me though that its silly cars can drive there but not quads as less damage is doneone day we will be locked out of all beaches and only be able to ride in our back yard im sure