C'mon how bad is my luck

 So this is my story,


Chasing any big fish can be a challenge, but what I have put up with I think is extreme.


Over the last 5 years I am still yet to land a big fish from shore after many successful hookups. One exception is a 2-3kg salmon from the daweswille cut on 6kg line about 2 years ago just after I broke my neck so I couldnt really fight it that well and had a big spasm on the rocks when it got to the surface. I didnt land it so it doesnt count. Today just set me off !!!!


About 5-6 years ago I started getting serious about catching a big fish from shore. My main target was mulloway in the Swan or Fremantle.


I have hooked up at Como Jetty with a snapped line after 5 minutes of extreme running (3 runs in all) on 6kg line 12Ft combo off a live trumpeter (a big one too).


I have hooked up on a big big fish at Woodmans point on a mulie 2-3 min after we saw a 20-25kg mulloway swim by. I fought it for 25min, 3 big runs, it was done on the top about 200m out after the second, the last it went around the end of the groyne and got me in the rocks below. 6kg line, 300m and it almost spooled me twice.

I have hooked onto a 2-3kg small mulloway in east fremantle but my 1-3kg gear wasnt enough. Snapped off about 5 -6 times in that session alone.


Smiths Beach down south, Huge school of 6kg salmon, My brother and my Dad both caught one but I didnt even though I spotted the school and was first to cast in (got snapped off LOL).


CSI groye, 9am, live herring on a patenoster about 20-25m out, my mates had left to get brekkie (been there since 6am) hooked up on a headshaking bastard, line snapped and brought in nothing. They got back, another live small silver bream on wire trace got smashed, I was so freaked out from the bite before that I forgot to strike. It got dropped. Reeled it back in, bite marks on both sides of the bream, mulloway for sure.

Multiple rays from Esheds and North mole (50kg best grey ray), along with many other snap offs and big runs that didnt end well from the beaches around Fremantle.

I have to say here that I have been fishing all my life and my PB bream is 42cm, Bar Tailed Flattie 82cm PB (Yeah you heard me) and have caught Giant Herring 62cm PB and sambos from the swan too (not sure on the PB as I lost my phone that time ~ 45cm).

Today I ballooned a live herring out from the north end of the dawesville cut and after 15-20 min it took off big time. I have had enough, I had 15gk braid main line and just a swiwel connected to another 1m of 15kg braid (no fluro), on a 10KG Ugly Stick 2000J stuck in the rocks. I fought this thing for about 10-15 seconds, in which it dove to the botton, broke the balloon off (4kg mono), shook the rod violently (which hurt my neck and back chronic) and then proceeded to bust up the side of the groyne with huge speed, my line must have jagged a rock cause I felt a huge weight, a couple of head shakes and then the line broke.


Am I cursed or what ????




When am I going to land a big LBG fish and no shit, with my luck how big is it going to be??????




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 the answer to your problems

Sat, 2013-05-04 18:52

 the answer to your problems is a wind on leader :)  especially fishing for big shit off the rocks

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 You serious, I have never

Sat, 2013-05-04 19:02

 You serious,


I have never used wind on before, do you really think it is neccessary?


My goal is to land a big fish on lightish gear from shore. Shark, Salmon, Pinkie, Sambo, whatever, as long as it is big and gives a MF fight up.


My usual preference for leader is about 1-1.5 m of abrasive resistant leader, flurocarbon of a higher grade has been recommended to me but i havent tried it yet due to the price.


Any tips and tricks would be appreciated heavily.


Cheers !!!!!

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Maybe try with heavier gear

Sat, 2013-05-04 19:06

Maybe try with heavier gear until you land a few..


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Maybe I am trying beyond my

Sat, 2013-05-04 19:10

Maybe I am trying beyond my range.


What sort of gear do you guys use on your average LBG outing??



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Skulldrag em .. then become

Sat, 2013-05-04 19:19

Skulldrag em .. then become more sporting maybe lol , my outdated lb heavy gear is a penn 850 or a speros reel on a 8 - 15kg rod running 30lb mono with 80lb short mono leader .. personally I've never used braid off rocks 


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Stick to herring

Sat, 2013-05-04 19:39

Stick to herring (lol).

Sorry cannot offer any suggestions. I do feel for you though.
People on here that offer the suggestions know what they are talking about.


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at least your getting your

Sat, 2013-05-04 19:45

at least your getting your bait played with...... keep at it, somethings gotta give mate


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 I always have atleast 5

Sat, 2013-05-04 20:18

 I always have atleast 5 meters off 60lb leader atached to braid via an albright helps so much when cliff fishing and you have to winch most fish up and also when snapper decide to run towards you and into the rocks.....as most do haha

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What's casting like with the

Sat, 2013-05-04 20:34

What's casting like with the Albright and 60lb going through the guides, do you cringe every time you cast or is it not too bad?


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Albright knot

Sat, 2013-05-04 20:42

Never tried to join lines together with an Albright knot, barrel knot yes.

Then again, I've never used a wind on leader in over 45 years of catching fish and never had a problem with them breaking off when being lifted from the water. Seems to be a fad that's come from those who tournament fish with ultra light gear that some reckon will help them on normal gear.

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 I fish with sn over

Sun, 2013-05-05 00:50

 I fish with sn over heaf.....flys through the quides no probs

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Sat, 2013-05-04 20:30

My guess is for you to learn new knots that don't break and loosen the drag off instead of tightening it when you think you have the fish beaten. It gets a second wind and ping its gone.

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Sat, 2013-05-04 22:54

 Back UR drag off and lose the braid when fishing off the stones with live baits. It sinks and u snag every rock down there and it has no abrasion resistance. 

One third drag is normally me on strike. 


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im no carnarvonite but the

Sun, 2013-05-05 00:13

im no carnarvonite but the reoccurring theme in all these close captures in the 6kg line, on a beach with no structure it would be sporting to land a decent mulloway but from the rocks etc your pushing it up hill. Not so much the breaking strain but the lack of abrasion resistance and over time that line will deteriorate from UV rays and use.

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up your gear

Sun, 2013-05-05 07:14

specially your trace! i would be using sixty to eighty pound trace for mullys and snapper nothing lighter of the rocks and beach



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 Thanks for the tips guys. I

Sun, 2013-05-05 11:10

 Thanks for the tips guys.


I think the abrasion resistance of the braid is my shortfall on my last occassion. 


I will get some 60lb flurocarbon leader for the 10-15kg setup (using the same 15kg braid mainline) and use 5 metres of it as suggested by Jayden20, seems to suit about rights. No worries with the casting as that rig is used for ballooning only.

As for the 6kg mono setup that has been the major loser when it comes to staying connected, any suggestions there? I think 60lb leader would overpower the rig a bit, this one is used for casting big dead and live baits with a 12ft beachrod (only rated at 6-8kg) do you think it is worth knocking it up to 8 maybe even 10kg mono mainline or just throwing the damn thing away and getting a new setup? I dont think the rod would handle much heavier line very well, it is quite old and skewed from sitting in the shed and being banged about and the 6kg line seems to suit it well, just not heavy enough for what I am targeting.

So to sum up, new 8-10kg rod and mono line suited for heavier leader and casting or just up my current setup from 6kg to 8kg and keep at it : )  ??


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 Jesus 6kg setup for big fish

Sun, 2013-05-05 11:33

 Jesus 6kg setup for big fish is wishful thinking.I'd be going nothing less than 10kg or 20lb mono. Piss the braid off, mono has the stretch as you can't follow the fish out and can only let it run with braid. If you don't have the drag set right ping! You've lost it. I'd go a 40lb leader. Just my thoughts.


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 My Thoughts .... would be I

Sun, 2013-05-05 21:18

 My Thoughts .... would be 

I agree with SeaKem, Up your mainline a bit to 10kg at least and go a good quality mono, you can buy high quality monos made by ultra, sufix or platypus that have low stretch and have a "braid-esque" feel to fish with but will offer you a much much better level of abrasion resistance. 

As for leader i would say 50 lb flurocarbon maybe or a little less if your super keen on the light line thing, the controll of a nice strong leaderoff the rocks when youve got the fish in close is so valuable though. 

Line capacity is another thing with light line youve generaly got plenty of it, you can buy spools of those lines i mentioned in 1000 meter spools if you like, its not expensive and if your after monster fish on light line you need that line to be in perfect condition.

Think aout where your fish are going to be running and position yourself in a good spot to be able to follow it or clear your line of obstructions if needed, and make sure your drag is as smooth as possible!!! anyroughness or jerkyness on light line is gunna put you in a world of hurt

Thats my two cents, 



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 interesting you say your rod

Wed, 2013-05-08 14:00

 interesting you say your rod is old and banged up i had an old rod once that was snapping off on decent fish turned out there was a nick in the guide on the tip that was cutting my line


+1 for loosening your drag off it doesnt hurt to let the fish run a bit more in fact your probably more likely to catch with a loose drag than i tight one,  the way i set my drag is loosen it off untill i can easily pull line from the top of the reel by hand then tighten a bit less than a quarter of a turn you should still be able to pull line from the reel by hand with out much effort specially on 6kg line