Exmouth, finally made it

After having to abort our trip in Feb at the last minute we finally made it to Exmouth. Being the only fisho in our group of 4 some compromises had to be made, but that turned out to be a good thing as the snorkelling and hiking was amazing.

Most days started with a quick trip to the reef in front of lighthouse caravan park throwing small poppers on very light gear for gts and queenies, I did this part of my day alone while the others went hiking, hence no photos. Got onto fish every morning and most released well, unfortunately one gt pretty much swallowed my popper whole and the amount of surgery needed to remove it meant it couldnt be released, so it became lunch. Lost a few poppers to bigger fish as well....

Evenings were spent chasing sharks, with 6 landed during the week. Tried using the head of the GT as bait and got picked up by a monster which wasted no time taking a few hundred metres of line off me before busting me off on some reef or something. Was great fun handing the rod around between the others who didnt fish much, the look on my mates girlfriends face is priceless lol. Also one estury cod took a big bait meant for sharks and one large stingray kept us busy for nearly an hour.

A home made hook remover saved me a few rigs and meant every hook was successfully removed as well as a few hooks from other peoples rigs that had been left in the sharks mouth

Was an awesome week, and though i didnt get one of the big sharks I was chasing I came back stoked and at least this way I have an excuse to go back, hopefully in the not too distant future.

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nice one

Thu, 2010-11-11 09:51

looks like you had a good time. good effort getting those sharks in for sure.

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Hell yer, looks like sweet

Thu, 2010-11-11 10:00

Hell yer, looks like sweet fun, well done mate

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Great photos Adam. Looks

Thu, 2010-11-11 10:23

Great photos Adam. Looks like you had a ball!




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well done mate looks like

Thu, 2010-11-11 11:22

well done mate looks like you had a  blast

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3rd Pic

Thu, 2010-11-11 11:52

Love the third pic,hanging on as though her life depended on it.

Will take a while for your arms to get back to their normal size after some good sharks.

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looks like you and your

Thu, 2010-11-11 12:46

looks like you and your friends had a great time. the shark fishing would have been a blast for the non fishos. some nice results there. well done


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I like the reassuring hand

Thu, 2010-11-11 15:26

I like the reassuring hand on the shoulder and the safety hand on the rod in the 3rd pic. Some nice sharks there too,

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Great Photos

Thu, 2010-11-11 15:41

Love Exmouth


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awsome you would of been

Thu, 2010-11-11 18:24

awsome you would of been stoked getting into a few sharks

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thanks guys, yea had an

Thu, 2010-11-11 21:52

thanks guys, yea had an awesome time!

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Nice work! We saw several

Sat, 2010-11-13 09:28

Nice work! We saw several sharks about that size when diving that bay in front of the park. We fished to the left side up toward that point and didn't get any sharks but plenty of trevally and a few good spangled emperors! great spot, can't wait to get back up there!

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Heading up that way

Sun, 2010-11-14 08:08

also next year, can't wait, loved the look on the ladies face in the third photo also, pain thats what I'm thinking, great to see you finally got there.


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Thats living the dream right

Sun, 2010-11-14 20:20

Thats living the dream right there! Awesome fishing and some great photos, thanks heaps for sharing it!


Awesome man, hope to get up there myself one day.