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Hi Guys,
I noticed a pretty severe issue whilst I was away, that being the posting of several large fish kill photos. A lot of us don't have a problem with that, but there are a few that do. To try and remove arguments and fired up opinions from fishwrecked I would like people to continue to share their fish kill photos, but to keep in mind that posting up several photos of big kills in a short period of time doesn't portray a good image to those who oppose fishing. I think the best thing that can be done is to consider posting them slowly over a period of time as it won't flood the site and we still get to see that you are a top angler who has some awesome fishing stories and doesn't mind sharing those moments with the rest of us.
Most of us know that not everyday you go out you end up with fish hauls like the ones that were posted. To the untrained eye and those simply browsing through the photo's who might not be as avid fishermen as most of us, its not a very good look. It allows a perspective that we as anglers are the ones doing the most damage to the system and need to be controlled more in our recreational activities.
Having said that, I would still like you guys to continue posting these photos; fish directly out of the water are always most preferable, but there isn't always a camera available and sometimes remembering the day via what was caught is the best method. All I ask is that you take a little consideration when posting kill photos or numerous amounts of them. In the scheme of things, it could be dangerous for us to do so, even though most of us like seeing them, other people who don't like fishing view this site and will use it as ammunition against us. This message isn't just for one person and it isn't just for this website, its for all of us as anglers who love our hobby and pasttime.


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Good comment mate

Tue, 2007-04-17 15:17

Like the way ya think!

Cheers Ox

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Well said Adam lets keep the

Tue, 2007-04-17 15:17

Well said Adam lets keep the site the best site.

Keep it tight, reeeeeeel tight!

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Nice to have boundaries!

Tue, 2007-04-17 16:01

Good to see some guidlines clearly set Adam, well done! And if by chance anyone feels the need to make a negative or contraversial comment perhaps a PM is the way to go.

Because if someone posts a pic that may not be deemed apropriate idealy Adam or whom ever he has as a moderator should be the only ones to draw attention to it on a public forum.



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Respectful & Responsible

Tue, 2007-04-17 16:16

Good policy Adam. That should keep as many happy as possible given the nature of fishermen and non fishermen alike.

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A Balanced View

Tue, 2007-04-17 16:24

That's the way.

Well said Adam.


Andy Mac



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Your view - and mine

Tue, 2007-04-17 17:00

I recon the reason this site does so well is the like minded views of most members. Fishing for enjoyment is what it's all about , a few fish for the table is fine but catch and release will give my kids a chance to enjoy catching a fish in the future.
A big pat on the back - well said
Any day fishing is a great day !!

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No wozzas

Tue, 2007-04-17 17:45

Not a problem, most of us enjoy them. Just got to be a bit mindful of those 'others', not everyone's a fisherman who trolls through the internet fishing pages these days. Give them the bait and we might just end up with a hookup that will spool us all. Just erring on the side of caution, thats all.

On a side note:
Love your bayshore mate, thats one hell of a boat!


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