Its that time again!

Spess"s joke time:
Fishing for a sale a keen country lad applied for a salesman job at tackle store. Infact it was the biggest store in the merto area. The boss asked him "have you ever worked as a salesman before." Yes i was a salesman in the country the lad said> "ill give you a job because i like you young fulla and ill check on you at the end of the day" It was a tuff and strenuous day but finally 5pm come around and over strolled the boss. "how many sales did you make today" only one said the lad. "only one! most of my staff make 20 to 30 a day, how much was the sale?"said the boss pissed off. two hundred thousand dollars said the young guy. "how the hell did you manage that?" said the boss. Well said the lad this guy walked into the shop and i sold him a small hook then a medium hook when a really big fishing hook. Then i sold him a small reel a meduim reel and a masive reel with all the rods to match. Then i asked him where he was going fishing and he said down the coast so i said you need a boat to do that. So i showed him your latest 7m trailcraft with twin 250hp honda fours on the back and custom fishwrecked stickers down the side and he payed me twice what you payed for it! Then he said that his volkswagon wouldnt pull it so i sold him your brand new v8 landcriuser sahara for twice what you paid for it as well. The boss took three steps back and said "you sold all that to a guy who just wanted a hook?" NO said the lad he come in for a look after buying a box of tampons for his wife at the deli next door and i said to him. WELL YOUR WEEKENDS SHOT MATE YOU MIGHT AS WELL GO FISHING>

Until next week that was spess's joke time!

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Fri, 2007-04-13 20:13

Nice 1 spess
Born to fish forced to work


Assassin landbase fishing club

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Sat, 2007-04-14 10:12

lol funny