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 Two swaggies walking along a

Fri, 2018-08-10 07:39

 Two swaggies walking along a bush track, one says to the other " Have you just messed your pants?" "No" says the other. A few minutes go by and the first swaggie says "Are you sure you haven't messed your pants?" "I told you I haven't" the other replies. After a few more minutes the first swaggie says "Drop your pants and give us a look because I'm sure you've messed them". So the second swaggie stops and drops his pants and reveals a big lump of s.... detritus in the bottom of them. "I told you you'd messed your pants" says the first swaggie, "why'd you deny it?" 
Says the second swaggie "Oh, I thought you meant today".

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Funeral song

Fri, 2018-08-10 09:53


The Angels - Am I ever gonna see your face again (no way get fucked, fuck off!). Picked that one just to piss off my mother in law 

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 ACDC - highway to hellQueen

Fri, 2018-08-10 17:24


ACDC - highway to hell

Queen - another one bites the dust

Wizzard of Oz - Ding Dong the Witch is Dead  -  At Dave Willo's mother in laws funeral 


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Tue, 2018-08-14 10:29


That's bloody funny Paul!  She's not that bad but wouldn't take no for an answer (as usual!). 

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 name this band. mmmmmm "The

Fri, 2018-08-10 20:35

 name this band. mmmmmm "The no hopers "

Song at my funeral.    Dont worry be happy


RUSS and SANDY. A family that fishes together stays together

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funeral song

Tue, 2018-08-14 17:01

A song for a funeral who's sorry now.

Name for the band the three stooges

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Wed, 2018-08-15 09:04



"I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact!!" _ Elon Musk