Gearbox rebuild recommendation.

 Hi.  Looking for recommendations on gearbox rebuilders .  Ive blown my toy gearbox in my 78 troopy.   Is there anyone in perth who rebuilds these r151f gearboxes with upgrades. There is a number of builders on the east coast but cant find any in wa.  Also 360 gerboxes over east do some fully upgraded versions of this box and trany case but there prices are covid crazy. Anyone had a box by them ? and if so do you think they are value. Cheers.

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 brand new is 3500 out the

Mon, 2021-12-20 08:03

 brand new is 3500 out the box

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 If your going to replace it

Sat, 2021-12-25 13:26

 If your going to replace it may as well fit a H151 or 152.

Way stronger, bolts up with correct bell housing and cost about the same or little more.

Need correct configuration i.e GXL or POV


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 I want to but it seems they

Sun, 2021-12-26 16:53

 I want to but it seems they are hard to get  all the bits.  Have you done it and can you get bits off different donors and put them together.  Ive heard that a donor 80 series diesel 5 speed part time is the way to go but they are hard to come by and sell quickly.