good ole Exmouth

 Hey team, new to the fishwrecked family. This has no doubt been asked to death in here but just chasing some guidance. Heading to Exmouth next week for the first time taking a boat (5m Trailcraft) for 11days up there. If i get out wide i'm pretty stoked just to be trolling a couple of lures out the back as i've never landed a Mackie. One question though, if it blows up sou westers can you still fish inside the reef comfortably on the west side or is it better to head into the gulf if that happens? (long range forcast isn't looking epic the first few days)

Thanks Champs and will hopefully post a pic or two of something more than a sunset! ha. 



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Tue, 2018-10-09 22:25

hey mate, a while since I’ve been there but we had some crap weather last time I was there but still had some epic fun on small lumps on the inside within 10 mins of tantabiddy ramp in 6-8mtrs of water. Just be aware of the sanctuary zones in that area !




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 Cheers Mark! Yeah i had all

Thu, 2018-10-11 15:51

 Cheers Mark! Yeah i had all the no go zones printed out so hopefully all good there. 


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Just be careful inside the

Thu, 2018-10-11 23:25

Just be careful inside the reef heading South if it is a bit blowy and the tide is low.  Lots of nasty bommies just below the surface that are hard to see when there is a bit of chop. Found schools of big trevally under floating sea weed

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Fri, 2018-10-12 11:21

To answer your question YES, but can be very blowy inside the reef. What amazes me about Exmouth is the 2 completely different micro climatic conditions that exists. It can blow its t@ts of on the west and when you get to the gulf it’s a glass off which is normally always the case around midday in summer when the wind change from south to south west. Near shore on the western gulf is not to bad then. For that I choose Exmouth over coral bay any day. Cheers.