Hillarys Crays

 Hey Guys 

First time crayfishing , have 4 pots out from hillarys at the moment, Decided not to put them where everyone else has on the sand around the 12-15 meter mark straight out from the breakwater. Went further up towards the Rotto turn off marker and havent had much luck, in a few spots now. Actually no luck.

Has anyone got some advice that could help me find a result?  I am sticking in the same depths as most other Rec potters out there but no luck.

Cheers in advance

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West side of

Mon, 2019-12-02 18:47

 Reef in the sand for whites. Blue macks for bait


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Hey mate I’m pretty new too,

Tue, 2019-12-03 09:13

Hey mate I’m pretty new too, but I have persimonally found trying to drop them on sand on the western side of a reef ledge had worked best. Tuna heads and blue Mack for bait. So far my pot in about 8m has been performing the best, pot in 13 m only had ones and twos. I tend to head north of the marina, tried south a few times towards hale road but never had much luck and was a bigger drive. Good luck! 

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 Cheers guys for the replys,

Tue, 2019-12-03 17:28

 Cheers guys for the replys, Definitely picking up that dropping on sand is what I need to be doing on western side of reef and structure . Will persist and keep moving them until I find a cray! Also yes I have been using Tuna heads and Blue Mack's so it's good to know the bait I'm using is correct.


thanks again i appreciate the replys!