inshore metro spearfishing

gday all - just wondering if anybody knows of any notable spearfishin captures from metro inshore reefs - im talkin the ones that are about 3 - 4 m deep - eg cow rocks or wanneroo reef . also anybody that would like to go for a free dive in the next few months - its alright if you look more like a seal than me you can still come


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Sorry mate tooo cold for me,

Tue, 2009-06-16 12:29

Sorry mate tooo cold for me, was in perth last week and frooze me nuts off. If you ever come up this way jive us a buzz

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  To cold for me... Dad

Tue, 2009-06-16 17:33


To cold for me... Dad managed to shoot a decent sambo that went to 21kg. the sambo was very gd eating (didnt have any perasites). and he also managed a 5kg king. the sambo he shot was one of ten fish which was a mixture of kings and sambos all around the 20kg mark. shot in 2.5m of water back of alkimos



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cheers boys

Wed, 2009-06-17 00:34

yer ive found the little pink worms in the sambos before - but will give emanother try