Its Gone......

I'm no longer an owner of a Chivers Thresher.

If you guys are chasing a new boat give Chivers a call. These guys give the best service and I will not hesitate in buying another boat off them.

Have a look at the links below and see where this boat took me. Over 25000km by road and about 280hrs on the engine in a little over 18 months.

We have had some of the most amazing days on this boat, weeks in the Kimberley, crazy insane days catching bill fish, many nights in Pilbara creeks, Chasing dhu's in Perth, Diving for crays in Exmouth and much much more. When I brought this boat I planned not to be one of those that leave it in driveway. Think I managed to use it enough haha

A big Thanks to Luke, Michael and Peter from Chivers, Cheers guys.


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Absolute pleasure dealing

Sat, 2013-01-05 11:20

Absolute pleasure dealing with you Chris, its been great and we have done some awesome trips. Look forward to the next Boat and getting up to the kimberlys again. 2014.  




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Cheers Mate.Guess I best be

Sat, 2013-01-05 12:09

Cheers Mate.

Guess I best be looking to have a new boat by April 2014!!!!!!



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amazing trips

Sat, 2013-01-05 11:40

You've had some amazing trips on that boat Chris.  What are you looking at getting next?

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BodThat is an interesting

Sat, 2013-01-05 12:08


That is an interesting question. I dont know.

Going to spend sometime towing my dinghy into some hard to access spots in the Kimberley/Pilbara in search of some Barra and photograph locations.

Have been talking to the Chivers guys about a 660 walkaround Hardtop......



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Yep great boat decked out well have seen it up the odd creek

Sat, 2013-01-05 14:19

Sad day's my friend.............................



Cheers POC

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saw this morning

Sun, 2013-01-06 05:30

0500 heading for Samson rest for the wicked.




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Yep its gone to Wickham to 

Sun, 2013-01-06 07:38

Yep its gone to Wickham to  live.

Hopefully he gets as much enjoyment as I did