Jurien Bay

went fishing in jurien bay on the weekend i was a very eventful weekend. as i pulled up to the camp site my car broke down which bugger my plans to go to hill river but thought while im here might as well fish the the small jetty. went to the local tackle shop asking whats around and it sounded promising. Had a mate with me that dose not do much fishing so i had to make sure he caught something so the bug would bite and the bug did bite he was catching skippy, herring and yellow tail every cast was like that all the way till 1 in the morn so i was using a variety of live baits and had countless runs but no solid hook ups which was a pain but great fun. also we where catching plenty of tailor and snook from 30-41cm great to see plenty of fish around. even tho my car is going to cost me it was a great weekend and cant wait to go back up there in xmas        

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Sounds like fun

Mon, 2007-11-26 07:54

Sounds like a lot of fun (apart from the car - I know that feeling). Were you catching all you fish off the jetty. It is a pretty good spot. Regards Colin Hay


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yeah all off the jetty in

Mon, 2007-11-26 08:08

yeah all off the jetty in front of the caravan park i had to be whithin walking distance or a small drive so i just walk to the jetty it was great there was something for everyone and the best thing was u did not have to keep the live bait alive when u wanted one just catch it lol

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Does it Smell Bad?

Mon, 2007-11-26 17:10

Does this Jurien Bay place smell like the large prickly fruit?

Ha! Ha!