Landbased soft plastic help for beginner

Can any of you soft plastic masters recommend any metro landbased areas firing up at the moment where I can start my soft plastics fishing career ?

 Thanks in advance.


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Try 3" Berkley Bass Minnows

Wed, 2008-03-19 14:37

Try 3" Berkley Bass Minnows down at Woodmans point for skippy/occasional bonito.

5" Snapback Jerk Baits(Pink or White) around Cottesloe and Trigg for small salmon.

Failing that, chuck a GULP Sandworm on, cast it out, and leave it there, its poor man version of softplastic fishing :p

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cheers shizz.   i have

Wed, 2008-03-19 14:48

cheers shizz.


i have bought so far:

  • gulp camo worms
  • snapback 3 + 5" jerk baits
  • squidgy pro worms
  • maria pink minows
  • atomic 3" yellow grubs 
  • and random squidgy's that came with the dvd


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Not a bad collection Dasho

Wed, 2008-03-19 14:57

The flats near the East Fremantle traffic bridge are always a great place to practice your soft plastic technique. Just got to weatch out for the blowies.


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always get the good old

Thu, 2008-03-20 21:41

always get the good old snapbacks!


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