Mindarie Rocks


Hi all

My mate and I plan on doing some fishing up at Mindarie. We have always wondered about fishing on the rocks that divide the harbor and the open ocean, I think its called Claytons beach on the other side.

We plan on fishing on the side where it’s open ocean. We will probably use glow in the dark floats to help attract fish as part of our rig but are unsure what the best rig would be as we have never fished there before including hook types as well. If anyone could give us any advice on what’s biting there and if there are any positions which are better than others, rigging etc, it would be a big help for us. After we go I will let everyone know how we went.


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if  u  mean   off  the 

Tue, 2010-12-28 16:29

if  u  mean   off  the  rocks  between  the  marina  and   caravan   park?

Havent  fished  there  for  a  while   but  from  the  elevated   position  on  the  rocks  ive   tossed  out   blobs   filled  with  berley  and   always  got  the  better  sized  herring.  Otherwise  from  the  little  beach  in between  the  rocks  is  popper   territory  for   tailor which  is   more  productive  during  winter when  the  larger  ones  are  out  and  about around  there.