Fishing in Bunbury - Australind

hey guys


ive come down to bunbury for a holiday over the xmas break and this is my last night.


just wonduring if any locals or anyone know any good spots for bunbury/australind area, and what i am able to catch down here?


im not too familiar with this area unfortunatly so any spots would be apreceated with a close by road so i can look it up on google..


thanks to anyone that helps, as i said this is my last night so any spots would be apreceated asap haha .


cheers guys!



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Was down behind cable sounds

Tue, 2010-12-28 15:41

Was down behind cable sounds lat night baitcasting mulies and throwing metals around for tailor between the 3 of us caught 3 rays and landed over 100 fish in a 5 hour session every cast we were into a fish was best fishing ive ever came across here, Chopper tailor, between 25- 36cm and salmon trout up to 40 cm with a few herring thrown in for good luck to,.

To get there, drive down koombana drive heading towards bunbury about 200m before the dolphin discovery turn right into cable sands across the railway tracks follow the signage to the workers car park park in there and walk towards the beach and ehad towards the inner harbour and fish from that rock groyne :)


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