Gday... I am going to have 4 days down in Walpole with the missus and child.. We are going to do a fair bit of exploring and 4wding but I would realy like to have a day chasing blue groper.. I plan to use my 12ft 8-10kg x-factor surf rod with Fin Nor 8500 reel (60lb drag), loaded with 50lb fire line and about 4 meters of 150lb Jinki leader, this should have enough stopping power I hope... I heard half crabs are the best bait to use but thats where my reserch ends.... what hooks- 6.0 circle??? what rig- general running rig with spoon weight??? and finaly places to try- has any body fished at Boat Harbour or Big Quarrum (aka Eagles nest I believe)...
any thoughts would be great... Cheers....
P.S. If you know any worth while 4x4 tracks that we could try they would too be appriciated...



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the reel and leader are fine

Mon, 2010-12-13 13:56

the reel and leader are fine but you wont be able to land one with a 8-10kg rod because trust me you have to lock the drag up and pull them out no letting them run i used 1 6/o
octopus style hook
cheers Brad

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that sounds about right brad.

Thu, 2010-12-23 21:54

that sounds about right brad. not that i have ever targeted them.


30lb rod is what you would be wanting.. you dont want to be trying to fight a fish with just a reel with big drag. Its all gotta be matched correctly.