Monties October 2013 ***lots of big photos***

I've been meaning to put some photo's up for months now so finally got off my ass and put a few of the better ones together. We had hundreds of photo's from a couple of us but had to cut them down and these were just a couple of the best ones.

It was an epic week living aboard the Mahi Mahi 3, with four of us from Tom Price and three from Karratha, a huge thanks to Lance for organising it all as we all know it can get very difficult sometimes to get a bunch of guys together and commit to a trip like this. Although I'm not sure why as it is hands down the best thing you can do!
As a few of you would know Bernie was an easy choice to go over there with and the deckies were exceptional, between general deck duties to cooking amazing food all day it made it a pleasure to live aboard! Not to mention getting dropped on top of fish consistently. Anywhere from nudging up to reef in the Mahi Mahi and casting poppers (although the wind was horrid Bernie wasn't shy, treating it like a tender!) to deep dropping up to 300m's and pulling up monsters.

The fishing was as varied as the ground we were covering, even on the one day we were confined to the islands as the weather dictated it was still amazing, cruising around checking out some of the stuff on shore then free diving for some of us and taking the tender out for the others, there was plenty to do and great to break up the week.
Although the seas were a little average nobody was incapacitated with any sea sickness although there were plenty of rough heads on a lot of the mornings! The boat handled the weather with aplomb and a lot of very enjoyable fishing was had. We even made the most of anchoring at night and played with squid jigs for a lot of drunken hours of fun and much to the deckies pleasure not to much ink to be found in the morning!

At the end of the week we all walked away with our bag limit of fillets, a lot of awesome memories and stories that aren't to tall with photo's to back them up!

Hopefully these photo's work and there are not to many, This link below is to a few more of the pics because I didn't want to put to many up!

 photo October2013MahiMahi3046_zpsf55f8c84.jpg

 photo DSC08208_zps6f19c5e0.jpg

 photo DSC08313_zps4197b474.jpg

 photo DSC08460_zps94536281.jpg

 photo DSC08513_zpsa092faf0.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3031_zps5ecc26b7.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3035_zps9c27ceca.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3039_zpsf4d0b302.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3055_zpsfa26af01.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3073_zps1612c43e.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3075_zpsd51d922b.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3092_zps131af8f0.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3098_zpseac4b6ac.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3104_zpsaf30bdbf.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3106_zpsa0e94f07.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3128_zps6b77be42.jpg

 photo October2013MahiMahi3132_zpsd53c6ff1.jpg

P.S I know Bruce (Brucesta I think) is on here and if you find this post feel free to put some more pics up. I may also put some more photo's up if you want more...

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Also forgot to mention I got

Sat, 2014-05-03 02:53

Also forgot to mention I got a new rod for the trip with the hope of loading it up with some big GT's but to no avail. So what better way to use a popping setup than to drop it down with an okta jig and try some jigging!! I managed to christen the rod with a nice sized Rankin then several other species on the last day.

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Good trip

Sat, 2014-05-03 07:43

We are booked for November this year.
Looking forward

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Top report what is your

Sat, 2014-05-03 08:00

Top report what is your bag limit of fillets for a trip like this ?

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How far

Sat, 2014-05-03 20:08

 From the islands is the 300m deep stuff?

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I'd recommend the trip to

Mon, 2014-05-05 07:06

I'd recommend the trip to anyone who is thinking of going, and as said Bernie was fantastic and is very flexible to catering for the type of fishing your group wants to do.

The bag limits are still the standard 20kg of fillets, which were vacuum sealed and deep frozen after each session then put in styrofoam box's for each person at the end of the trip.

It was a bit of a steam out to the deep stuff but honestly couldn't tell where or how far as we fished a little and trolled on the way out there.

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That Trout is friggin huge..

Mon, 2014-05-05 08:41

lots of good fish had by the looks of it..


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