New year hammer

 Been fishing a bit with the old fella round 

the corner for a while now ! Good too have 

cold can and listen too his stories from 

when he was back in tassie and wet a 

line.. I got smoked earlier on by what I 

thought was a nice shark on half a snook

being line cleanly snipped at hooks then 

it was Oldman s turn on what first thought 

too be a large eagle any how 15mins later

i beached him his first hammer... he was 

a happy man with a new story for me and 

him too share ! Nailed a fresh herring from 

my bait supply! Cheers pirate.

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Wed, 2019-01-02 05:06


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 Well done. Looks like a

Wed, 2019-01-02 09:42

 Well done. Looks like a perfect size for eating . Gotta say they are one of my faves to chew on . 

Pity you lost yours 


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Thay's a very solid

Wed, 2019-01-02 19:11

That's a very solid looking hammer you have caught well done to the oldie on the good catch.

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Good on the tooth those

Wed, 2019-01-02 19:45

Good on the tooth those sharks. Pain to skin though. 

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Good work

Wed, 2019-01-02 20:58

Pirate a and the old man! Need a fish fix after the week away on south coast and forgot to load the rods ffs 

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Wed, 2019-01-02 22:58

 unfortunately for him he did get done

up !! We both ended up with some great

looking fillet I'll be back down Saturday 

night if you're not busy neighbour ? I've 

got plenty of bait for us . 

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 after eating the fillets you

Thu, 2019-01-03 17:16

 after eating the fillets you will want more. one of the best imo. 


RUSS and SANDY. A family that fishes together stays together

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 solid hammer.  I never

Sat, 2019-01-05 18:11

 solid hammer. 


I never realised they were good on the chew. what is the trick with them? Freeze them for a month or so first to kill off the ammonia?