North of Moore river

 Hi guys just having a look on google earth and seen some stuff I wanna have a crack at 3-4 kms North of the river mouth and just wondering if anyone has been there and knows the best ways to get in??? Cheers

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 How far north? Closer to

Fri, 2015-08-21 13:15

 How far north? Closer to seabird or guilderton?

you can drive up the beach from north of the river mouth or theres bush tracks riddled through there


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 Pretty much right in the

Fri, 2015-08-21 15:51

 Pretty much right in the middle of the 2

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 beach could be a little

Fri, 2015-08-21 16:31

 beach could be a little short this time of year especially near the old groyne leaving moore river, we used to head south of sea bird but that was years ago now. maybe call the seabird deli might be able to help

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 beach is a little soft at

Sat, 2015-08-22 18:36

 beach is a little soft at the moment but drivable, just drop a few psi. Few kms up the beach, probably where your heading, theres reef you walk out and fish off so gets quite popular. Just head off from the groyne at Guildo, closer than going from seabird. 

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 I can see a few tracks off

Tue, 2015-09-08 18:09

 I can see a few tracks off guilderton road that may take a while but will get you to the beach soon enough. If there is some blockages on the beach it looks like there is some tracks that all connect to a track off the beach.


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 Lots of weed and a very

Tue, 2015-09-08 18:24

 Lots of weed and a very short beach at the moment.


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Behind lighthouse

Wed, 2015-09-09 10:07

at the lighthouse car park you can / or could head up tracks behind the lighthouse and go behind the dunes.
Then drop down into a sand bowl near the 3 mile and access the beach that way.

If it is real skinny and you have a heavy 4WD could be tricky to get back out. Let your tyres down to what you consider low enough, then let out another 4 or 5 psi :)

Watch the tides and the slope on the beach.



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