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Hey everbody was wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction I am new to Perth I have mainly been fishing of the beach at Pinaroo point and Ocean Beach Marina. I have heard that Burns Beach is a good spot and was wondering if anybody has fished there recently I have heard there are some reefs all around the beach and was wondering if its still possible to just fish a normal ganged running or pasternoster rig. Does anyone know some good spots up there or any other northen beaches that are particulary good which I can get to from mullaloo cheers guys

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Burns Beach

Mon, 2012-02-27 09:46

Always a chance up there. In years gone by Burns Beach was considered non-metro and lots of campers came to fish. It's now a suburb but the beach remains the same albeit you cannot drive on it. Lots of reefy areas providing some popping action. No problems with patanosters either so long as you steer clear of the reefs. Further north at Quinns is also pretty good.


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Yup Burns is usally pretty

Mon, 2012-02-27 11:23

Yup Burns is usally pretty reliable for a tailor or two. Clup Capricorn at Yanchep is also usually very reliable & casting to the back of the reefs at Ocean Reef Boat Harbour can produce the goods at times though not as reliable as Burns or Club Capricorn. Standard paternoster rig is fine like Trigger said so long as you steer clear of the reefs. If you want to get right in close to the reefs then I suggest baitcasting an unweighted mulie or similar.