Old Guardian Dilemma ??

 I have a mid 70s 20 foot Guardian half cabin that has got to the stage where I need to spend alot of money on it or I move on to the next boat. It was my Dads and he purchased it in 1981 and we have done alot of fishing out of it. Its a great fishing boat ,plenty of deck space and freeboard. Rides well but can be a bit wet when its sloppy coming home. It spends most of its life in a shed at a small coastal central west town, only gets used when I get over there, wouldnt do 30 hours a year. 18 months ago it didnt pass a condition report due to some issues with the deck that the old man had a bloke do a repair on, the transom was also a concern where the bolts go through to hold the motor. Not critical he said but will need to be sorted. After 4 or 5 hours fishing when I undo the bottom plug about a litre of light brown water will come out, looks like weak tea. Stringers are stuffed ??. The boat is showing the usual signs of age , faded colour and a few dings from craypots etc. The deck is not spongy as far as I can tell.

The engine is a 2001 Johnson 115 HP 2 Stroke which is in very good condition , I doubt if it has done 600 hours. Trailer is a 2005 Roadmaster tandem axle that has had new gal springs put on 2 years ago and is washed every time I use it and is in VGC. The boat has Hydrive hydraulic steering , pot winch & a shit homemade tipper. Navman sounder and Raymarine plotter & VHF radio.

Given the amount of time I spend in it I am having trouble justifying buying something else that I dont know much about . I dont have the time or knowledge to give it a birthday, GT Fibreglass seems to get high praises on this sight.

2 Questions, is it worth spending money on a boat this old and how much coin would I pour into it ?

At the moment the boat doesnt have a canopy ,just a windscreen that is right on my Eyeline, the boss who is my decky is demanding some shade when we are out.

Sorry for the essay , but would appreciate opinions of others who have been down this path.

Also I want to stay with fibreglass Im 53 and ali boats hurt me.



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won't get money back

Sat, 2021-02-27 20:18

 Sounds like the hull needs major work, no doubt has a lot of sentimental value but generally you don't get your money back if you rebuild and decide to sell in a few years but with the price of boats these days to replace it won't be cheap either 

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I have a guardian also, I had

Sat, 2021-02-27 21:02

I have a guardian also, I had mine for 3 years before I even found that bung in the bottom of the bilge, by then the boat was full due to a few holes in the floor, it had been slowly filling up over time from the wash down and diving gear.

I cut a few inspection holes in the floor after draining it, the bulk heads in mine are fully glassed both sides. Its still serving me well to this day and its coped some hard play I must say...I had to fix a few patches in the floor but other than that all good, as per yours my floor is still solid, phuk knows how but it is.

I've just refurbished the road master trailer but will be pulling the old 95 Johnson off on Monday. I'm repowering mine as I've decided to keep it.

Maybe invest in some shade but to me the hull is still as good as the day you bought it, especially with its minimal use and being stored in a shed.

Get a second opinion on the Transom / bolt holes and the water ingress, I was looking at the 4 off 3/4 bolts holding mine just today, you can see the white compound that's used when they push the bolts through, cant see an issue.. My transom has some gel cracks also but still seems fine.

Id be more worried about the VRO system in the johnno than the hull.

keep it until you cant fish no more then move it on...no need to spend money you don't need to IMO.


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