One Day Geraldton/Abrohlos Charter Recommendations

Hey guys, 

we've got a crew of about 12 guys working up in Geraldton at the moment, and the boss has asked me to find a charter to take them out fishing for the day round this time next month
Being peak season, all the popular ones I've found are over doing weeklong trips at the moment and no day trips..

Does anyone know of any daytrippers? or just reccomendations for some good ones up there so I can do the ring around haha




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Evolution charters

Fri, 2017-05-19 15:51

could try Kalbarri and the above?  

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Sat, 2017-05-20 07:23

 Kim at "OFFSHORE CHARTERS WA" seems to get a lot of good feedback outta home and he does day trips from what i hear. 


Also , chad & Leah at "blue lightning charters" but think they out on "REELY BLACK" chasing marlin at the moment. Not sure if they do day trips thou, There are a few others but i thinkthey mostly do overnighters.. 


Also mentioned above. Whitey at evolution charters is a great lad and knows what he is doing. Pile all the guys in a bus, load the esky up and make a weekend outta it to Kalbarri... 






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 Thought about Kim but I

Sat, 2017-05-20 07:32

 Thought about Kim but I don't think he can take 12?


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I've heard whitey is catching good demersals...

Sat, 2017-05-20 07:32

 But he's running that game boat now, and I don't know if he could fish 12 off it, limited deck space of a dedicated game boat. Others  may know more???

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Cheers guys, had a heap of

Mon, 2017-05-22 14:10

Cheers guys, had a heap of reccomendations for Kim Wheatley at Offshore Chaarters when I was doing the ring around so I've put the boss in contact with him and hopefully they'll be able to tee something up.