Perth to Exmouth - any suggestions/help?


G'day all

Just wondering if anyone has toured or has experience fishing WA's Coral Coast (Geraldton, Karratha, Shark Bay/Monkey Mia and Exmouth)?

I'll be doing a 10 day campervan trip from Perth (and back) in a few weeks time and plan to do some fishing along the way. I am after some fishing locations/tips as well as any non-fishing places worth stopping at along the way (ie to keep my better half happyKiss). Also, I wouldn't mind doing a charter (pelagic/sport fishing) at any of the above locations, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I will have my beach rod and spinning gear for plastics and other lures.  I will also try to make a stop at Wagoe Beach! 

I don't mind if people want to send me private messages so their locations are not all over the web.

BTW I have searched the forums already and have read Desmond's report re Exmouth (ie that's the kind of fishing I'd like to do...Laughing). 


Many thanks in advance





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I would make Kalbarri my first stop Marc

Thu, 2010-02-04 12:12

A great place to visit, great sites to see and the fishing is great. About a 4 o 5 drive from Perth, Kalbarri is well set up for campervanners.
I wiujld then go to Monkey Mia for a look at the dolphins and the fishing to the east of there isn't too bad. That is about a four hour drive from Kalbarri.
I would then go to Carnarvon. Try the chocolate dipped bananas and fish the Carnarvon jetty for big mulloway and tailor. Carnarvon is a about a four hour drive from Monkey Mia.
Next stop would be Exmouth.


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My suggestions

Thu, 2010-02-04 15:04

Kalbarri (stay 2 - 3 nights)-If you havent got a 4WD then fish at the rivermouth or there is someone who will take you across the river to fish on the North side and bring you back at a pre -determined time. Go to Finlays Fish BBQ . If you arent staying at Wagoe you cant get onto it unless go go via Luck Bay and you need a 4wd.If you want to check out Wagoe, go on the Quad bike tour with Ashley, you can share a quad with the missus or get one each and they pick you up from town/return you and it goes for about 3 hours.Check out the National Park Gorges and Pot Alley etc.  

Kalbarri to Shark Bay Monkey Mia (stay 1-2 nights, check out the dolphins/Shell Beach etc) . 4 hours plus about an hour and a half from Highway to Shark Bay and then another half an hour to Monkey Mia from memory). Check out the dolphins.Not much else there that excited me to go back but I suppose you have to go once......

Shark Bay to Carnarvon and also check out Quobba which is about an hour from Carnarvon North (be careful) .Havent fished Carnarvon so cant comment about there. Maybe a night or so at Carnarvon.

Carnarvon to Coral Bay for a night maybe or straight to Exmouth _ I would stay at Exmouth for the rest of it. I loved it as did family for snorkelling on West side of gulf, fishing off the jettys at Point and at Learmonth, check out the National Park and Yardie Creek.  

You might need to break up the drive home as its pretty long , depends if you are used to driving the distances . We did Emouth to Kalbarri, stayed a night and then to Perth.   

Charter wise go Coral Bay or Exmouth.




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my suggestion is simple

Thu, 2010-02-04 15:07

do a longer trip than 10 days. I dont think you will do it justice personally.


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let me know when

Thu, 2010-02-04 16:29

Let me know when you are up in Exmouth Marc.  I am constantly in need of deckies on either a Friday or Saturday and have the next couple of weeks free if you are up here soon.  Can still probably do after that (March) just let me know.


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10 days is cutting it a bit

Thu, 2010-02-04 18:56

10 days is cutting it a bit fine mate, we went for 6 months and still had things we hadn't gotten around to doing. First time we went up there we went for 10 days, Perth straight to Exmouth where we stayed for about 6 days, then went home staying a night in Coral Bay, Monkey Mia, Kalbarri and Ledge Point. We liked doing the long haul drive first up then dawdling home. I'd suggest camping in the national park in Exmouth, ti's cheap and scenic.

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  Thanks for the replies.

Thu, 2010-02-04 19:46

Thanks for the replies.  
I can sense a common theme here ie that 10 days is way to short and i totally agree!  However, I will be in between jobs and with the work that I do you really need to make the most of the little time you do have. Sad, I know.  
Monkey Mia is been ear-marked by my better half (who cannot love dolphins).  Adam I will PM you re a fishing out, love the generosity!

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yeah Monkey Mia is worth

Thu, 2010-02-04 19:49

yeah Monkey Mia is worth seeing but we both agreed we wouldn't go back. The dolphin viewing was packed even at a "quiet" time of the year. We had a better time walking down the beach further and a pod came up with only a few of us there.

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That annoying guy in the

Thu, 2010-02-04 19:58

That annoying guy in the water doing the yelling with the bucket of fish really spoilt monkey mia for me going back 91 or 92, no idea if he is still there.


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As Tim said, you are way better off gouing for a swim down the

Thu, 2010-02-04 20:51

beach and have the dolphins come to you. And Jamie, you are spot on. I went there about the same time. Atilla the Hun had nothing on that guy.


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if you or the other half are

Thu, 2010-02-04 22:52

if you or the other half are into snorkling Coral Bay is a must. easily spend the whole day in the water just in the bay as there are so many different things to look at and you get big spanglies swimming around you. a magic place for a place i will be going back to


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