Registering a trailer

 Hi Gang,

I've managed to pick up a 4.75m stacer hull (no outboard) and trailer for 2k (haven't paid yet, but confirmed I want it).  I haven't seen it yet, but know that its a decent rig but have been told that the trailer is un-rego'd and there wasn't any transfer done from the guy that owned it from the original guy, yet it still has number plates on it.

I want to get it down from Karratha to Perth at Chrissy; is it is simple as taking it over the pits?  What do I need to consider?




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When I registered my trailer

Tue, 2017-09-26 10:46

When I registered my trailer about 18 months ago it was pretty basic. went to a place in Myaree . (not DOT)

get the day moving permit
then take in to be inspected.

things they look at.

.Needs to have a compliance plate...(mine didn't have one but I let them know in advance and the guy who inspected it stamped one out on the day and attached it)
.Lights all work. (no plastic cable ties to wiring ...needs to be metal ties/fasteners)
.reflectors in correct spots.
.jack up wheels and check brakes (if fitted) work.
.inspect chains. (do a bit of a google search or someone may nbe able to help. if the trailer is pre ??? it doesn't have to have rating on each link but cant remember the year.
.chains have to be welded to a certain standard. (from memory its half of a link or something like that welded to frame.
my inspection took all of 5 mins except for the time it took to stamp out a compliance plate.

boat on or off no difference.


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 i am not 100% but i  think

Tue, 2017-09-26 11:13

 i am not 100% but i  think you might need some sort of proof of purchase so even a a receipt of who you bought it from may work.

i remember overhearing a convo at a licensing centre a while ago of a guy in a similar situation as he had no record.  

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 Just been thru this with a

Tue, 2017-09-26 12:08

 Just been thru this with a unregistered car

You need to fill a form in (MR50 stat dec) and takes about 3 weeks to check there is no other interest in it b4 you can put it over pits. 

Pretty sure the plate must be returned immediately if it's unregistered for more than a few months


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 Pretty sure the last guy

Thu, 2017-09-28 05:52

 Pretty sure the last guy that had it registered would gladly have it taken off his name and into yours as he would be getting fines to the tune of $200 by now for not handing in the plates! 

Provided hull isn't leaking, that's a good buy mate well done!

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Just done this with little andys

Thu, 2017-09-28 07:07

Trailer. All above correct chains must be stamped. If you get written letter stating sale of boat and trailer. You will have no dramas. Regards to compliance plate you have old plate take it in to Lic centre . With purchase letter . Hand it in and get old rego papers. May have compliance plate already on draw bar. We found andys trailer old numbers and got new plate made . If older trailer you don't need all the fancy lights to pass . But we did it anyway makes it pass easyier. As stated in first reply make sure you get day permit prior to getting inspected a must..