Salty Marron ?

Any idea on the salt tolerance for Marron in a river.?Picture taken mouth of river at estuary.

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Not good

Wed, 2019-11-13 07:29

 But I recall they can tolerate about a third seawater salinity.

They die pretty quick in my saltwater pot at boiling point!!!!!


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Wed, 2019-11-13 10:16

 What river was it?

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Wed, 2019-11-13 19:44

 at Eaton

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Salted Marron

Thu, 2019-11-14 09:32

 I have caught marron from the Moore river system and seen them there year round. Typically in summer it has a TDS of around 2000ppm and during winter, when there is run off from the upstream salt lakes, of 3500ppm.

Anything over 1000ppm and you can taste it as salty. The sea is around 35000ppm or 35g of salt per litre of water (perfect for cooking them) so if you get a tide change that marron is done for. 


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