samurai reaction jig 10 advice

 Has anybody used one of these for heavy jigging looking at one for new Zealand 

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Had one

Fri, 2015-01-30 11:24

Lost it overboard attached to a Stella 10 000SW (FKN shark caught me by surprised and dragged it down after I tried to cut it loose). Was an awesome weopon but probably to heavy for what I used it for in Karratha.

Now have a Jig 8 with a Stella 8000SW attached. Not much lighter but Im surprised at the difference to feel it makes. I would say it would be great for Jigging sambo's etc.

For Jigging in NZ with big YTK's etc I would say the Jig10 would be ideal. The times I used it it was rigged to target big sharks especially Spinning whalers which I found a concentration off on a reef. That was superb fun to try and catch them and the combination with the Stella10K was perfect. Also used it in deeper water to skull drag fish away from the Taxman but much prefer lighter gear. Jigging in the NW of WA isnt as productive as jigging down here or in NZ, so tried this but gave up on the jigs and used bait instead.

I still love the Jig8 for heavier use, and would love to go Sambo jigging to test it out again. Just recently moved down from Kcity.



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 These are going cheap

Thu, 2015-02-05 23:06

 These are going cheap for $249