Shore Catch is Now Stocking Fresh and Frozen Seafood

After building the required infrastructure and gaining a Food Business Registration from the City of Wanneroo, Shore Catch is now stocking food grade fresh and frozen seafood.

After many years in the seafood industry sourcing the highest quality baits, we are now converting that quality into food grade products for our customers.  All of our products will be Australian (Western Australian where possible), sourced from carefully selected suppliers/fishermen and packaged/stored so the products are of the best quality available.

We will sell fresh fish fillets of a range of local species that are portioned between 200g and 500g, vacuum sealed and stored at zero degrees in refrigerated ice slurry.  We know where and when the fish were caught so as to ensure that best by dates are known accurately, and quality is controlled.

Current fresh fish fillet offerings are Red Emperor (Broome WA - $77.50/kg), Goldband Snapper (Exmouth WA - $62.50/kg), Rankin Cod (Broome WA - $60/kg), Barramundi (farmed Humpty Doo NT - $45/kg) and Atlantic Salmon (farmed Tasmania - $35 to $45/kg depending on cut).  We intend to also stock fresh fillets of WA dhufish, whiting, baldchin, pink snapper and shark when available.  A photo of the packaged red, rankin and goldband is below.

We will still sell whole fresh baitfish (head on gut in), as we have done for many years, and these species are generally mullet, scalies, mulies, whiting, herring and garfish.  All of these fish are also food grade standard and can be eaten if desired.

Other seafood products we will stock frozen, or fresh when available, are local octopus (200g, 500g, 1kg, and whole mixed weight), WA prawns (XL King, XL Tiger, Tiger cutlets, banana meat), Australian scallops (roe on, roe off and in shell), Shark Bay blue swimmer crab meat, Tasmanian squid tubes (Australian squid so can be used safely as bait) and WA rock lobster from Cervantes.  We will also offer our customers the ability to source fish of their choice by order - just contact us to discuss.

We aim to provide an unparalleled quality of fresh seafood products at a fair price.


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 Sounds good.  Love a feed of

Thu, 2021-09-23 19:45

 Sounds good.  Love a feed of red emperor,  never caught one and can't get to the seafood market in Jimbaran Bay.


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Good work

Fri, 2021-09-24 06:06

 Good work, now that all the hurdles have been covered the hardest bit of attracting fresh food customers rather than bait buyers begins but knowin you ut won't take very long.

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 Great stuff Mick! You're in

Fri, 2021-09-24 09:46

 Great stuff Mick! You're in my general area so I'll drop in for some fresh fish soon.


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