Spess's joke for this week!

One day a nun goes down to the river for a fish and catches a huge one on her new stella 4000 and t-curve tornament combo that she brought from honsu at oceanside! She was very impressed on how it performed on such a large fish! A man sees this and walks over to congratulate the sister. He says " thats a nice gauddam fish there" The sister replies "you shouldnt use gods name in vain like that" " NO thats actually what the species is called" says the man. "oh thankyou then" replies the sister.
When she arrives back at the convent the mother supperior comes over."look at the gauddam fish i caught mother surperior" "You know better than to say that sister" Mother superior replies. "no thats what the species is called" "ok then, ill clean the gauddam fish then" The mother says.

When shes cleaning it the head monk comes over. "look at the gaudamm fish the sister caught" the mother says. "you really should know better to say stuff like that mother superior" " no thats what the species is called" she replies. "well alright give it to me and ill cook the gauddam fish then" says the monk.

That night at tea they all sit down to a beautiful feed of fresh fish and they are greeted by the new priest to run the convent.
The priest says "this looks inpressive" The sister says "i caught the gaudamm fish, the mother superior cleaned the gaudamm fish and the head monk cooked the gauddam fish"
With that the new priest looks around in belief and says "F*%k, i like this place already!"

Have a good easter guys and see you all after the break! Drive safe and keep it tight, reeeeeeel tight.

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Nice 1 m8

Tue, 2007-04-03 16:12

They are geting better
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Are you getting a cut from

Tue, 2007-04-03 16:53

Are you getting a cut from oceanside there mate while your at it my kmart flexy rod and winedy reel rocks hahaha CHEERS SHAG


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You should have got the "Double Flex"

Tue, 2007-04-03 16:55



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I have alot of clients that

Tue, 2007-04-03 17:59

I have alot of clients that love there fishing as well and there always looking and asking others for fishing jokes for me! Im trying to get better but its hard finding just fishing jokes but i promise i will put a fishing joke up every week while im a member! Cheers

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