Tailor with glow sticks.

 So I was spinning in Mindarie marina on Friday night pulling in pinkies whiting and a few decent bream when 2 guys come down fishing unweighted mullies with glow sticks on their leader?

not seen this before, I am new to fishing in Australia but is this an effective method if catching tailor? They pulled a couple of just undersized ones in before I left but maybe one to try. Also amazed me that fishing right round the corner past The Boat still was producing tailor. Tried a couple of weeks ago off the end of the wall and not a bite in 5 hrs.


obv doing something wrong for tailor.

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Some bigger things in there

Sun, 2013-03-24 20:00

Some bigger things in there too, seen a kid get spooled on his kmart special on dusk last night at the boat ramps


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 Wow defo need to buy a

Sun, 2013-03-24 20:09

 Wow defo need to buy a beefier rod for inside the marina and have a bash. 

Back to my original question. D glow sticks make a difference and increase hook up rates when lobbing unweighted mullies? If so what size glow stick should I try?


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Glow sticks

Sun, 2013-03-24 20:22

 I'm not sure if glow sticks improve your catch, but they make bait casting at night easier because you can see where your bait is. 

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Definitely a bigger fish in

Tue, 2013-03-26 08:55

Definitely a bigger fish in there and it is a resident fish, feeds off smaller fish and scraps and you will need some seriously heavy gear to stop it though.


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75 mm glowsticks work well

Tue, 2013-03-26 17:14

 i used to catch heaps of tailor with a 75mm glow stck above my leader aswel as bonito at night at the north mole,plus every now and then sharks would atack my rig aswel busting me of

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Thats how I do it, works very

Tue, 2013-03-26 22:14

Thats how I do it, works very well.






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 So just a small glow stick.

Wed, 2013-03-27 00:24

 So just a small glow stick. D you pick them up from a tackle shop?

bought myself a larger spin rod for tailor bashing this arvo. Ugly stick 8 foot spin gp. Should do the trick. Gonna try give it a bash tomorrow. Just need to spool my reel.


decisions decisions, braid or mono?

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Wed, 2013-03-27 20:51

 Go braid mate unless your fishing a lot of reef where it will get fraid easily,improves the feel conciderably in my own opinion,others may feel differently of course.a little more cash but worth it!

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Thu, 2013-03-28 09:11

 I was using braid on my beach set up but got so sick of wind knots and rod wraps I swaped back to mono. Get some Platapus Ultimate and you can't go wrong IMO.


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I just stuck 20lb mono on it

Thu, 2013-03-28 14:25

I just stuck 20lb mono on it for now. Had a chuck last night where I saw people pulling them in the other night at at Mindarie by the boat. Lots of tailor bites but not taking the hook.

Using 6 inch mulies and 3/0 gangs with a 75mm light stick above my trace. Quite disappointing was really hopefull after a bite on my first cast of the night. but nothing.

WIll try again on the inside of North Mole I think.

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what and how?

Sun, 2013-03-31 21:06

any reccomendations as to which light sticks to use and how to rig them ont the line??

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 Most of the small glow

Sun, 2013-03-31 21:10

 Most of the small glow sticks come with a little plastic tube.  You just slide that over the glow stick so that your line is between the two.

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 No joy so far. tried the rig

Wed, 2013-04-03 22:43

 No joy so far.


tried the rig with a glow stick, plenty of tailor bites but using 3/0 gangs and just not hooking the fish. Mullies coming in with chunks missing but no fish. 


These tailor will continue to try me!

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Need a stinger on the end, I

Wed, 2013-04-03 22:51

Need a stinger on the end, I used to use a trebble and pin it in the tail of the mulie so it wouldnt hang down. Every tailor was caught on it, they always hit the tail. Some will say use a single, prob 3/0 cos the trebbles make a mess of the choppas mouth


I am, as I've said, merely competent. But in an age of incompetence, that makes me extraordinary.

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 I nipped the tail off really

Wed, 2013-04-03 23:27

 I nipped the tail off really close to the last hook on the advice of someone I spoke to, but might have to try a treble. 

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The reason you use the glow

Thu, 2013-04-04 07:27

The reason you use the glow sticks so i have been told is so that when retreiving the mullie the glow stick simulated the fostferous glow in the water a fleeing fish/school would make and this attracts the attention of the predators. I always use the small glow stick with the tube and just feed the line in next to it just above the hooks but i dont use these on a sitting bait



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Mate in the cut and other night tailor spot always have used one

Thu, 2013-04-04 08:06

And can say I think it does out fish a plain mulie. Just by watching fishers around without sticks.

I get the little ones from tacklestores, cut the little plastic tube in half, thread the leader through both tubes, and then simply slide one tube onto the bottom of the stick, and the other over the top. Stops the glow stick from going cockeyed in the water. I the leader is not beat up I just sharpen the hooks and re-use with a new stick, because the plastic tubes are there already.

Normally place this about 6inches infront off the mulie/lure. I have tested this with lures and IT works just aswell.

Tried glow sticks for demersals around Dampier to no avail, but glow beads with a Blacklight (fluorescent) charge does work. Had me very perplexed but might be the intensity off the glow.



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