Tamala Camping

 Has anyone heard if there's an update if camping is allowed again at Tamala?


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Guessing it could be months

Fri, 2020-05-22 17:31

Guessing it could be months or years, too many levels of bureaucracy involved.

Hopefully they will keep updating the splash screen


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 My guess is gonesky for a

Fri, 2020-05-22 17:42

 My guess is gonesky for a long time.

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Can anyone explain what is

Fri, 2020-05-22 20:56

Can anyone explain what is happening there in simple words? Has this been a private or public land and /or has been somehow “returned” and it’s now off limits to general public to enjoy?

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From what I understand

Fri, 2020-05-22 21:14

Government has removed from all station leases that portion of land which is set aside for camping. This happened when the lessees came up for renewal and took away that portion of land that was earning a bit of revenue for the lease holder from activities other than raising selling wool which was the sole reason for the lease being issued.

Some lease holders said that by getting this bit of revenue was the only way they could make ends meet, gov said no go.

To further complicate the matter there has been a claim put up across a large are of land up that way for aboriginal land rights and this has thrown a complication in the drawing up of new leases.

The gov has indicated that it will run all camping areas along the coast and they will be compiling with set down standards and rates.

That's my understanding of the situation given to me by word pof mouth.

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Not just camping

Sat, 2020-05-23 09:17

 Not just camping areas, the entire coast line back to a certain point.

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 So, in your opinion, we

Sat, 2020-05-23 07:48

 So, in your opinion, we could expect a Ningaloo Station style thing set up, where you book through DPAW?

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Sat, 2020-05-23 09:18

 More than likely, some stations eg Warrora manage the camping on behalf of DBCA, but some let DBCA do it.


If aboriginals are involved , they probably want to manage it to get jobs.

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Update camping application refused

Sat, 2020-07-25 17:46

the application to retain the camping areas at tamala under the recently introduced ILUA has been refused. That means no camping anywhere at tamala until they can negotiate a new ILUA which allows it. That process will take 18 months at a minimum if all goes right. Given it's been refused once you would imagine that would be unlikely, more realistic 2-3 years. Will also cost a small fortune in legal fees for the leaseholder also so they may well just say fuck it.  A great spot lost to general public use for the foreseeable future. 

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What a joke

Sun, 2020-07-26 06:44

what a joke. 

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Sat, 2020-07-25 21:52


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Remember this is the state gov. doing this

Sun, 2020-07-26 09:55

 An aboriginal land claim over it complicates matters, but the people who are going around ranting about aboriginals " locking it all up" are way off track. As for Carrarang, that was just Clough's, who own the station lease. If I am correct, a manager decided it was all too hard. 

And, yes, it is a real loss. Great camping spots, if it wasn't windy, not hard to catch a feed.  In recent years, we haven't camped, but used Tamala to launch to boat and camp aboard. For which I paid a full campsite fee for the duration.  But I was just about to finish off a set up , with the camper now on a trailer, where we had a kayak/hobie rack, for quick 2 night trips where we just camped and kayaked. 3 and a half hour run for us, quick setup, catch a few snapper or bluebone in the shallows, quick pull-down and trip home.  

So now it will be launching at Denham for trips over to  DHI, only. The Tamala closure, following on the Carrarang closure, and Nanga being currently shut, will certainly take the pressure off fish stocks in the lower gulfs on the west side--why would you bother to do the run down into the Freycinet zone, with it's restrictions, when the rest of the western bay is available from Denham?

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Sun, 2020-08-02 19:27

 From what I have heard, Nanga has been sold to a new owner and is open again. Rumour has it that they are planning to turn it into another Monkey Mia type set up and are going to spend somewhere around $30 million

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 Tamala station will remain

Sat, 2020-08-01 11:57


Tamala station will remain closed for camping until further notice.

Tamala’s request for a new camping licence has been declined.

We have been advised that we need another Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) that specifically includes the camping area before any application will be considered. Acquiring an ILUA involves extensive consultation and a protracted legal process. This means we will have to remain closed to the public for the duration of the process that may well take two years to resolve.

We are committed to engaging with the relevant government department to meet the necessary requirements and regain a camping licence if possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Teresa and Ron Reid

Managers, Tamala station

9 July 2020

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Many thanks to

Sat, 2020-08-01 17:56

Teresa and Ron for putting all the rumours to sleep and clarifying the situation.
It's been a very long time since I have enjoyed the privilege of camping and fishing on Tamala station, the memories however remain strong of exceptionably enjoyable times with my then young family.
What shape the end result of a lot of toing and froing will be remains to be seen of course.
It is with a lot of trepidation and anxiety that I have and hope, that an arrangement that allows west Australians and indeed all Australians to enjoy the marvellous outdoors again without an outcome such as has occurred at Ayres Rock where a great attraction and experience was lost to the world