Trout on lures...?

Heading to Dwellingup/Murray River this weekend for a few days camping and fishing, we're mainly targeting redfin because they're easy to catch and good to eat, but I was thinking about having a go at catching a trout or 2. I'll be using my bream setup with 6lb braid and leader, but what kind of lures do I use? I've got a tackle box full of bream lures plus a few spinners so do they just go the same thing? What about soft plastics? And where would they be hiding at this time of year? Cheers

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 trout will b in the colder

Wed, 2014-04-09 09:45

 trout will b in the colder parts of the river

personally imo i believe any lure that catches bream will catch trout.

use worms aswell man always handy to bring a spade to dig em up.

squidgee paddle tail soft placcys work the best 

cant go wrong mate, the lures u use for perch will catch trout just as well if they r there

b weary on te poundage of leada u use

they get finniky!

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Those grubs used on breams

Wed, 2014-04-09 10:02

Those grubs used on breams will catch you trout. Personally I have landed a few trouts on C tail grubs in Victorian streams.

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 agree with uluabuster, also

Wed, 2014-04-09 10:13

 agree with uluabuster, also z-man grubs work well. the lighter the sinker head the better!

try the motor oil color.

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Yeah I've got a couple of

Wed, 2014-04-09 10:48

Yeah I've got a couple of packets of the z-mans in motor oil and .... pearl (maybe), which I was going to try flicking around for the redfin, plus a couple of the popular bream minnow lures (Fat dog, sx-40) and various other bargain bin lures I've picked up through the years, so will give all them a go. What about surface lures? I have a Berkley 3B Walking Stick and a River2Sea Bubble Pop I would like to try as well.

Will be throwing in my pitchfork so will go for a worm hunt when I get there. Used to catch bulk redfin on worms growing up in Boddington so its definitely a favoured bait of mine. Can't wait

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 Around rocky crossing the

Wed, 2014-04-09 13:11

 Around rocky crossing the perch have been hitting squidgy wriggler in Gary glitter and pro lava and the profish 65 mm in grasshopper