Whiting and Bream LB spots in Perth

Hi GUys, First post on this page.

Im in Perth for a couple of weeks for work and am a deadset fishing nut all the way from NQ, I normally chase barra, Jacks, Thready's etc back home, but i genuinely love all types of fishing and species.

Now being in Perth for 2 weeks is going to kill me if i cant go fishing, so last night i went out and bought a little light spin outfit (daiwa Itchy twitchy rod with Daiwa Certate 2500 spooled with 8lb braid)  with the intent of chasing some bream and whiting as i get the weekends off.  I have hired a car so i am mobile.

Would anyone be willing to point me in the right direction so i can hopefully go and flick for some fish, all fish (if i get any) will be released.  Im using Plastics, little Zman grubs.


I know nothing about fishing in Perth or places to start.




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if you get somebit and a

Fri, 2013-06-21 14:37

if you get somebit and a small sinker and a smal hook and some burley i have been catching a heap of herring if your interesting it is a good spot and pretty reliable i will be there this sat and sunday.


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 Heiresson island (Perth

Fri, 2013-06-21 14:45

 Heiresson island (Perth causway) at high tide (couple hours leading into) for good size bream. Rocks all around the island and under the bridge itself

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 ps: nice rod and reel you

Fri, 2013-06-21 14:46

 ps: nice rod and reel you got yourself there!

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Point walter

Fri, 2013-06-21 17:37

 Flats around point Walter have served me well previously, watch the blowies though

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I was at point walter on the

Wed, 2013-07-17 21:38

I was at point walter on the weekend. Never fished there, newish to perth, 1st time in river.

All i got was blowies.

I had in my car my drop video camera i use diving - HUGE schools of blowies around the jetty. Around the sand flat of the point tried squidgies etc ....nothing again but blowies!!



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 Yeh, I generally build my

Fri, 2013-06-21 18:26

 Yeh, I generally build my own rods, but I'm a fan of the daiwa gen black rods for the price I think they are very good value for money.


where is the Perth causeway and point Walter?  


Thanks for the offer fish on, but I'm a strictly lure, plastics guy.



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now worries :)but the

Fri, 2013-06-21 19:08

now worries :)

but the blackwall reach walk has produced big flatties for me


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Fishing here is lot tougher

Fri, 2013-06-21 20:16

Fishing here is lot tougher than up north and you will have to work hard for your fish, but you have come to the right place to get some initial knowledge, Im still in the transition stage from living in the North and haven't started fishing here yet, but when I get a boat I will be into it.

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 Heirrison Island is a good

Fri, 2013-07-12 20:17

 Heirrison Island is a good spot, although unfortunately fishing is not allowed on the island anymore, although fishing around the causeway bridge (just upstream from the city) is quite good from the banks and also around Burswood. Sorry for the relatively late post, and good luck hope you get stuck into some good bream.


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 Just another thing that will

Tue, 2013-07-16 11:19

 Just another thing that will help you, when fishing Zman grubs for bream in winter it pays to have a very slow retreive with long pauses and a subtle jigging action.

Fishing around the causeway and burswood area is good at this time of the year, you may have to work hard for the bream there but you'll generally be rewarded with the size of the fish.


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