Albany -camping/snorkling.. hopefully fishing. Where to stay?

Spent my last week off up at Sandy Cape, north of Jurien with my partner. Fishing was very average, though i didnt explore much at all wasnt able to do any decent missions.


... so this time im looking to head south for 4-5 days. Where ever i can get in about 8 hours of travel that is road friendly to a little Hyundai Excel ( 4WD is on my list of things to buy very soon). Camping with some nice beaches close by, and a few easy walk in spots for some rock fishing. Im keen to burley up a bit and bring a few in during the mornings/evening. But also want some places to snorkle with my partner that is nice and calm.

 Any information or ideas would be great, as i really know nothing about the area but am keen to explore a bit.. so i can head back there at some point for LBG fishing only.





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Shelly Beach out West Cape

Fri, 2010-02-05 23:07

Shelly Beach out West Cape Howe would be a great spot for a little camp. You can get there 2wd just go slow on the gravel road out there. You camp right next to the beach where you can fish for salmon, sharks and plenty of herring. Or you can walk around to the rocks and possibly pick up something else. It's just a basic camp ground but I think they have some sort of toilets out there, and theres a small fee to be paid I believe. Maybe worth a night or 2. I wouldn't snorkle around there tho unless its really calm, but even then, pretty sharky area :)

Also out that way theres a camp ground at Cosey Corner which is pretty nice. Fishing off the beach right there isn't the best but I'm sure you could pick up a feed with some burley. Or head up towards the west end towards the rocks and theres some good spots for herring and KG in the channels. Also good spot to snorkle up that way.

Check West Cape Howe on a map. If you camp around there also head out to Lowlands to the west of the cape which has some good beach/rock fishing you can get to in the excel.

Alternately... stay somewhere in Albany, maybe around Frechmans bay way. Heaps of good landbased spots around there. And some nice spots for snorkling to.

Basically.... theres HEAPS of great places to stay and fish down there :)





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Cheers bro!   Great info,

Sat, 2010-02-06 18:25

Cheers bro!


Great info, just the stuff i needed to hear. Makes it way easier to know the names of a few places that are worth a look. 

Do you know if any of those campsites have showers ( just to rinse off after swimming) and fresh water available?. Limited space in the little shitty car for only about 50ltrs.



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hmm... Im not sure if Shelly

Sat, 2010-02-06 18:32

hmm... Im not sure if Shelly beach has a shower there, but theres a fresh water stream you could fill up a camp shower from. At Cosey Corner I dunno if theres a shower at the camp area but there used to be one at the picnic area further along the bay. I'm sure you could find out more info on the net about the areas in regards to facilites. If you want any more info on fishing spots I might be able to do up a little map for you but most of them are pretty easy to discover yourself when you're down there.