dawesville/mandurah fishing

 hey guys was looking to do a little ballooning this week for a have some extra times and some predicted easterlys anyone ever tried ballooning from mandurah or dawesville . Just targeting small toothy creatures nothing big but just for a bit of fun  anyone done Ny balooning by the dawesville cut lately? Was trying to map out a good spot to try but little stuck on best places to get a few runs in  just trying to get into it and learning still any info would be great. Cheers 

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Havent tried at the near the

Mon, 2013-02-25 10:34

Havent tried at the near the cut itself, though did get a balloon out a few weeks ago off tims thicket , only got one huge smooth ray on a whole mullet..


Goodluck with the boaties near the cut though

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Tue, 2013-02-26 08:03

 thx for that yea hopefully the boaties will be slower if i go at night . Its hard finding gpod spots to beach fish near mandurah without 4wd ive noticed  . I need to fish tims more but only could fish close do to lack of 4wd.